King Paimon showed me his realm?

I was meditating on his enn. The air thickened. I felt his heavy presence. I was in deep meditation and I saw the great King Paimon. In his red robe and golden crown with a youthful face. He took my hand and we flew above the earth. He put his hand on my shoulder and we teleported to his realm. The sky was purple with lights through it. King Paimon showed me everything. Next to his throne was another 2. King Paimon sat in the middle and he invited me to sit next to him. There were a lot of angels in his golden temple, as well as demons. I was surprised.

Link to the video I was meditating on.


Was this soul travel?

How long have you been working with King Paimon?

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I remember reading on him that he also has angels under him

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Thats how I’ve experienced any sort of obe before if that helps :slight_smile:

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Not that long.

He made me stand up to him last week. I commanded him to respect and obey me. He said “good job boy” and told me he will help me bring out my god self. He has been with me ever since that moment. Sometimes I’ll be sitting and I’ll feel his heavy presence and he will give me advice. We are really good friends. I think he really likes me for some reason. Maybe because I didn’t take his shit. I’ve never stood up for myself and he respected me a lot when I said to him “IT IS NOT FABIAN WHO HAS CALLED YOU BUT IT IS MY GOD SELF AND YOU WILL RESPECT AND OBEY ME” After he mocked me. I have a post on it if you want to check it out.

He also does everything I ask him to do and gives me more than what I ask for.

Absolutely that’s awesome that he’ll work with people like that I’ve meditated with a song he had written and I got clear indications he was near me just little things were I could feel his energy it was like having a friend near it was wonderful. I’m planning on an evocation this coming week and I’m just nervous excited about it but everything information wise has been reassuring and then to hear that he will work like (so personable) is amazing.

Now I’m super excited and just waiting on my off day !!!

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I know the first time I called on him he knocked over my vase and pushed all the shit of my table and with a roaring voice said “SPEAK YOUR WORDS” he was testing me to see if I would back down or stand up to him. If he does that to you make sure you stand up to him and tell him you command him to obey you. It’s all a test and he wants you to stand up to him.

I am evoking him on the 1st of January to full materialisation. I will let you know how it goes.

Cool yea when I did it the first time it wasn’t even an evocation, what I remember best was a flash of light almost like a finger snap and then where it was the stack of papers in the plastic tray fell- I was at work and I couldn’t stop smiling that day . I will definitely remember that that’s definitely an area I have trouble in.