King Paimon or Duke Gremory/Duchess Gamori

Several days leading up to this full moon, I had been able to catch glimpses of something/someone but that was the extent of it, aside from feeling something’s energy being present. So on this past Friday every time I’d try to speak with whoever this was the response was always different as far as the sound, but it was almost always like a loud roar. It seemed like something in particular but at the same time like there were others with it. Now I would like to point out that I have recently purchased some frankincense and have been burning it (no spell reason just burning it because I like the smell). Anyway for whatever reason I continued to try and contact this being instead of trying to identify it first. I never had any luck. The next day I tried to identify who it could have been. For whatever reason King Paimon kept popping up in my searches and mind. The only image I kept seeing in my head was someone atop a camel. This has confused me because now I’m unsure if it was King Paimon or if it was Gremory. I was planning and worked a love type spell on the full moon. So at this point I honestly don’t know which of them it was. I’ve drawn a sigil for each of them and attempted to contact them, however I’ve had no luck. When I attempt to call on them I hear nothing and the energy in the room doesn’t change. I know that typically when you call upon a spirit, at least something, ill answer. In this case I’m getting nothing. I’m not saying I’m super in tune and I know nothing is happening, but I’ve been an intrinsic witch for going on 20 years so I know how to recognize any change in the energy around me. Maybe I’m looking too hard for something and instead it’s really right in my face? Any help would be appreciated.

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First of all, King Paimon believs that love matters are a waste of time and that love spells are a waste of energy, so I doupt he’d want to help you with that. Also, you should call the spirit and ask it for a clear answer (make sure your astral senses are open).


Ask Gremory, especially if you just did a love spell on the full moon.

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