KING PAIMON: My recent evocation experience

Short back story: I’m 22, and a grad student studying jazz, and I’m a professional session musician and hired gun for bands, so naturally, King Paimon would be perfect.

His presence was grand, but still kind at the same time somehow. I addressed him with respect and ask that he speak, and he had a soft, dare I say…flamboyant inflection to his speech patterns. Very effeminate almost, but he was still a fuckin force to be reckoned with, his presence was undeniable. After making my intent clear, Paimon did something that no other spirit has done to me yet: he touched and blasted open my root chakra.

I’m on cloud nine after having that chakra open, my entire apartment is electric with energy, and even though I gave him proper license to exit after I felt that the ritual was nearing completion, his presence remained, and this is all thanks to Lucifer, who I was going to evoke tonight, but he told me to work with Paimon, who he said serves him.

Anyone else have their chakra(s) opened by demons? If so, what entities? And what did Paimon sound like to ya’ll??

On a side-note, Lucifer is everywhere, and more than ever before, I know I’m not the only one noticing this, him and Belial are like the rockstars of the Occult world right now…


First of all, congrats for your experience! It’s good to hear success stories about King Paimon, for he’s an amazing king!

Also, you should address him as King Paimon.

I work with both Lucifer and King Paimon and they’re both of them amazing spirits and mentors. They give great knowledge and they have guided me a lot! Also, Lucifer is indeed everywhere, as well as many other spirits. Many people are awakening after all!

King Paimon’s energy feels warm and gentle, royal and calming. He’s one of these spirits that you like having his energy around at all times. It doesn’t feel that warm or intense like Lucifer’s energy.


Have you noticed any change with your astral senses? Can you see, hear, feel better him now?


Yes, of course!

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I was asking him. I am just curious how can it affect his senses if King Paimon just touches him and opens his chakra


I mean, he uses his energy to open your chakra.

Yes but that’s not my question lol

It depends on the chakra. In general, that will improve your energy flow. Some chakra can help you with the understanding you have and others with your astral senses.

What was ur offering for him ?!

I apologize if this is a little off topic… i’m a newbie to the dark lords.
A good practitioner is offering a 3rd eye chakra activation/cleansing with Azazel and Shamsiel.
I thought about purchasing because i could do with the help in order to hear and see my own spirit family better.
But i’m also nervous as i’ve never done anything like this before and i don’t know the fallen angels Nor Demons well.

A few nights ago a had a dream that an entity came and spoke to me about the activation, i’m fairly sure it was Azazel. we had a conversation and what i got from it was he was trying to reassure me and tell me he was willing to work to me.
I never invoked him… don’t even know how to lol

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Anything that another magician can do is something you can do. Just my opinion, but unless you seriously trust this other person, I would suggest that you learn to do it yourself. If Azazel is willing to work with you, then Azazel can help you with this Chakra activation, or at the very least, point you in the right direction. My advice: cut out the middleman and go straight to the source, it’s much safer than getting someone else involved, and much more rewarding.


My offering was nothing, I’ve evoked enough spirits that I’ve learned to hone in on their individual resonance, or their kind of frequency signature, and then I focus in on that and integrate it with my own, and that allows me to draw in a spirit much quicker.

I can definitely feel and hear King Paimon more now. I’m also much more sensitive to surrounding energies of people than I was before hand.

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Thank you for your response Daniel, I do trust this person and she has years of experience and i really don’t know much about the Fallen Angels. I’m a stark beginner when it comes to magic lol.

Is it unusual for Azazel to visit you in a dream when you don’t envoke or call him?

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King Paimon is amazing! I have mentioned my experiences with him in other threads.

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So just to clarify…you choose them? They don’t choose you?

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Both of them, just like with humans.

I would be delighted to hear about more of your experiences with King Paimon.

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I’d be glad to share my experiences then. :slight_smile:


King Paimon is amazing! I’ve only began working with him recently, but he continues to guide me and teach me regularly. I also recently asked for help as well with a new business venture I’ve been working on and I kid you not, it was probably 3 days tops before some new doors opened up. I just wanted to offer up nothing but the highest of praise and thanks to King Paimon.