King paimon method to change minds - Channeled technique

Thank you so much!!!

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Can you explain this please ?

Have to say that this is a nifty little working. I did it and forgot all about it, that is, until my target turned up at my door…for three days running!

I want to take the time and first thank King paimon for this spell, and also think the person who channeled this .
Now lets get into my success

Firstly I Love that you can use this for anything . serious situations . mundane situations . Iv’e used this for love magick, ive used this to turn around peoples thoughts and actions about me .

But My real first success with this was to actually smoothen down the blame on me . I was in a really abusive relationship with this girl, and just to spare the details , she was very abusive to me, and there was a lot of things I ended up getting blamed for by this girls step mom even though she knew her daughter was abusing me, but NOT just me , this girl has hit her step mom before, shes very ill and unwell mentally and shes very fucking mean to everyone in her life, anyway the step mom wanted someone to blame because its the easy way out instead of admitting you should have been getting your daughter help ,so she would blow up on me , one moment like me and the next hate me, so I got fucking sick of this shit after being abused and now getting blamed for shit that was NOT my fault ,and knew about this spell, I put every thought , I wanted to change into the orb, every emotion I wanted to change in the orb, and every action I wanted to see change in the orb, send out the spell to this girls step mom, and within DAYS after forgetting I even did it , her step mom messages me , we talk for like 2 hours , and shes sorry she treated me like that , my abuser is in and out of mental health faculties, doesn’t think she’s ill and is still hurting so many people . BUT in the end I went from being the bad guy to being somebody this girls step mom felt REALLY bad for , even again the other day I posted about how fucked up this girl treated me (I still have her step mom added ) dont ask why LOL (my ex is blocked ) but I think her step mom is actually kinda cool after all this shit?? and she just messaged me saying she feels bad for me about what I went through , and that her daughter is still hurting people as I type this… But I wanted to type this out because I haven’t seen anybody really have a crazy success like this ,and not one where they type out long stories lol

I’ve also just made people genuinely obsessed with me with this spell, As well as making people shut the FUCK UP with their god dam opinions about me LOL

I’ve had a bunch of small success with this spell < But I wanted to share a story with yall and thank king paimon once more !
Hail King Paimon


Yup, this is one of the most underrated spells I have ever come across.


@Apollonius Facts! This has helped me in ways that I never thought I could be helped . This is a spell no matter what your level you can see success from . Just started magick ? Cool ! Do this spell! Think you’re the worlds best god dam magician that ever lived? Cool! do this spell LOL. Its that god dam good


very usefull.thank you!

Firstly thank you @Xag_darklight for sharing this.

I saw this as soon as I woke up as a sign sent from King Paimon.

I’ve worked with him once before but today I needed his help with a Court matter. It was last minute and I called out to him just as I was waking up. When I was in the in-between state. I remember him responding back. I asked him to change the judge’s mind today so he would discharge the board and the matter would get postponed.

As soon as I woke up I opened the BALG page and within the first few topics I see this one.

Something jumped in me saying this is what I need to do. I need to do this on my own.

So I went ahead and did it. I implanted a thought that he would discharge the board (was next to impossible) but I also put in “if not then pass any judgement in our favour”.

So a few hours later, he takes the board. AND things go in my favour. Practically how I wanted. (The second best thing).

This is fantastic and I’m elated.

Hail King Paimon, thank you.

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