King Paimon Mediation:

Tonight I did a mediation after about two weeks with King Paimon and I decided to share my experience here.

So it all went normal with no communication this time, I decided to observe him from the West but slowly found myself moving to the North West.

At one point I asked him for a sign by tapping my Window and then I heard 3 Gentle Taps.

After I was done I opened my eyes and the levels of static was Crazy!! I even saw many Shadow figures which remained still. I thanked him and said the usual “Stay if you will, Go if you must”.

After I was done I had a small headache but was fine.

Now here is the weird part. I then noticed a huge Spider on my Pillow and I didn’t even think that the King was associated with them. Also while watching a video on him earlier on, my kettle (I was boiling water) started acting strangely like it was about to blow up but when I went to turn it off it did so on its own.

Overall I’d say all are good signs. This is one Demon I intend to work with in the Long Run (by that I mean probably for my Life.


Congrats for your experience!


Thank you🌹


:heart_eyes: awesome

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