King Paimon/lucifer

So I’ve been studying his sigil for a few days now. And tonight about 20 min ago I felt my third eye open and a rush of energy. I Think Lucifer and king Paimon have come together because I have such intense pressure between my eyes and my inner thoughts are going pretty hay wire. I’m actually having a hard time typing this. Everytime I blink I see a image of king Paimon symbol. My question is it possible to contact one spirt and another one come.


who’s sigil did you study first?

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King piamons. I’ve already been in contact with Lucifer for a little over ten days

have you tried contacting him? and yes, it’s possible to contact one spirit and have another one come. It usually means they’re aware of your presence/are interested in you.


I was planing on it tomorrow. I made plans I have a nice spot by a lake and was gonna offer king piamon a coffee. Since I heard he has a sweet tooth.

Thank you for the info :grin:I feel better nowit was really nuts

no problem!

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Short answer: yes, it’s possible. Especially since it’s King Paimon and Lucifer we’re talking about.


Definitely. Lucifer likes to introduce you to other entities if he takes a liking to you. Both he and King Paimon are very close .


Well I’m glad he likes me lol

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