King Paimon & Lilith -Sacred Squares, Magic squares, or cube

Hey everyone, I’m trying to grasp some complex stuff right now and I’m looking for anyone that understands Magic Cubes or anything along these lines. I’m working with Lilith and King Paimon, the patterns I’ve been seeing are slowly coming together to form what I believe is something along the lines of Magic Squares. Anything helps, my phone is broken!! I will respond and dig into whatever you can offer. I don’t own books on these things yet, even pointing me to material to read would be much appreciated. Thank you!!

P.S. I don’t feel comfortable sharing the patterns Given to me by my guides freely. If you are already tied in with King Paimon or Lilith & feel lead to help with this situation I wouldn’t mind collaborating our work.

Magic cubes and magic squares? I’ve heard such terms before, but you mean something that has to do with magic, or the numbered squares that you are asked to solve (like puzzles and such)?

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I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what your question is. I’ve been doing some more research since I posted this and release I have no clue what these things are. However, I have drawn out a number pattern that I believe was laid out for me by Lilith when I first asked her to work with me in my life. I like to consider Her as one of my Spiritual Guides, I have also worked with King Paimon. He’s helped me release that patterns have a LOT more depth to them than most can grasp.I’ve been doing something similar to what you do when you construct a Magic Square, now I have a pattern that is significantly important to me for some reason, I believe I’ve been lead to construct by my guides. It fits every aspect of a Magic square as far as I know, except for it repeats some numbers. If this is an important step perhaps this 1st attempt was laid out for me to understand the a part of the pattern and now with my new found passion I can find appropriate aid from my family her at BALG!