King Paimon is a joy

Today I had done an evocation of King Paimon and I really enjoyed his presence.

King Paimon came to me about a week ago while I was meditating because he knew I had been beating around the bush with asking for help and saying hello to him specifically. In all honesty, I had been procrastinating because I thought I would be a bother and my requests seemed petty. He didn’t think so. So he dropped in to say “I’ll be waiting for the real thing.”

Perhaps I accidentally evoked him with him being on my mind for so long? Has anyone ever had an experience like that?

Well, today I chanted his enn and gazed at his sigil. Had a brief discussion of a skill I wish to have developed further and offered him a sweet snack and beverage.

I also promised to give him a shout out on BALG. :wink:
“What a bunch of characters” he said. :joy:
Kings can have a sense of humor - he seemed pretty laid back imo.

So thanks to King Paimon for being patient with me! It’s now on me to get to work but as long as I don’t dilly dally the great kings got my back.


Congrats dude, King Paimon is indeed amazing and with a great sense of humor!


I had this experience with Belial, thought about him so much that I caught his attention. Information on him started popping up everywhere, and I’d have his name pop into my head at really random times. Sometimes in an almost chant like way.


Same king Paimon was the first spirit I worked worth and part of the reason I got into magic every single second of the day I changed his name without even realizing it

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