King paimon invoking

Okay so it’s not my way of working but I tried it…

Meditated on his sigil… tranced out a bit

Did a guided meditation for contact

He showed up I think… eyes like fire, red robe but it’s hard to tell what was me visualising from the meditation and what was me actually perceiving organically

When I was meditating on the sigil I definitely tranced out, it went to me seeing it as four people drawn and under them two sets of 3 symbols

Now I’ve done it, asked him for something… just relax and figure I have made contact?

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Just relax, don’t stress yourself and don’t think about it until you got your result. Your ritual went well :slight_smile:


I’ll tell you the strange but effective way I first reached him. I put the sigil on my bed and put my forehead (third eye chakra) right upon the sigil. It must have looked funny with my ass sticking up in the air, but the whole “I’m kind of upside down and a little dizzy” feeling made it easy to go into trance and hear him really well. He comes with his own party, lots of noise and jabbering in the background, but he talks really loud, so no worries hearing him. To me he always sounds drunk. lol


Nice! Thanks for sharing!

great job