King Paimon Interest

So I’m new here and I have been clicking around but I’m interested in what readings people have found interesting when looking into the topic and evocation of King Paimon.

I have never summoned / evoked a spirit or demon however I have felt their presence through energy work and meditation as well as trance state projection and I’m interested in learning more regarding him in particular when reading the Ars Goetia as well as the Lesser Key he stood out to me as someone I could form a common relationship with.

Appreciate the future replies and hope this post helps someone else who may have a similar interest.

(Also this is not due to the movie Heriditary, I actually did not even know he was in a movie until recently while researching the Ars Goetia for an exam essay.)


I’m glad you’ve shown interest for King Paimon. There are MANY posts regarding that exact thing. So I’d suggest you to use the search function and find all this info.

Spoiler: King Paimon hates lazy people, so if you’re lazy to do it, then perhaps you should get to work!..I’m just saying…just in case…


I figured as much with the whole “harsh teacher” aspect lol.

Just trying to find some things that may have been interesting / helped with more understanding.

I’ve been looking through the posts on here though. I just like reading “Codex” type stuff, helps understanding what youre getting into.


So should I make this my journal?

I’ve begun doing research and focusing on creating King Paimon as an archetype in my mind and been reading into the evocation / summoning rituals that many people have tried as well as the ones from the past that were successful (folklore? I guess.)

Since starting my research I’ve been focusing a lot on the past instead of the future which is weird for me because I never question my past, I know I wasn’t a good person. This started happening very quickly however and last night I did not fall asleep until 4am, which is not normal for me as I am usually asleep around 9pm my time. When I finally fell asleep, I began focusing on the question of “what if”, you know the one that keeps everyone from pushing forward in their endeavors. Doubt.

Slipping in and out of this state, I finally entered the dream state / lucid dream state and reflected on a dream I had once had and told my family about as a child where I was sitting in a temple bowing / kneeling to something that looked similar to a statue of Jesus crucified. The thing is though, I never actually saw the crucifix, it was almost a mocking imagery of the Christian religion. When I tried to look upward, I was unable to move, when I tried to breathe I could not feel my lungs. I felt like I was suffocating from a massive presence of energy and after readings, Ill get into why I think this was King Paimons doing and why I’m attracted to the idea of evoking King Paimon out of all the other entities / demons spoken of.

In the dream, I was merely reflecting on a previous dream and began to see myself as the actor and not the spectator anymore. The entity I was peering on came down just as the dream I had before from it’s place of power and stood in front of me kneeling to them. The entity I perceived as the image of Jesus, lowered their hand and told me to stand not to serve. I didn’t audibly hear them say this but it was a feeling that made me immediately stand and peer into nothingness, just an empty room. This is literally just a replay of the dream I had as a teenager. However, I could still feel the same suffocating energy and presence that was there previously. I did not wake up until 11am, which is again just another rare thing for me as I am never sleeping and always moving. The reason I think it was King Paimon in this dream was the massive amounts of energy and constant struggle to pull myself together mentally. It was powerless to the will of the energy in the dream.

I am not an expert on dream culture or dream magick, however I will be definitely attempting to re-create this dream until my mind is at rest and ready to perceive King Paimon’s presence.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the dream. It was definitely mind-numbing for me, and all of my family just thought it was Jesus answering my prayers, you know the archetype idea.

Edit :

Also, I’m not rushing into things with this one. I’d like to know everything I am getting into before contacting someone viewed as a demon king. Even if they are just an archetype of my subconscious and self. I also think the delay is making them more viable as “King” in my mind.


Sometimes, the answer is the first thing that comes to our mind, but we barely accept it. In other words, I’m almost certain that the spirit in your dream is King Paimon.

However, just to make sure, I’d suggest you use some kind of divination.

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Funny. I was literally just looking at divination guides today lol.

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I mean, it’s the best way to tell.

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The god forsaken screaming… It’s back again.

I decided to attempt to lucid dream again last night, and when I finally entered the dream state I was stopped by a scream. It’s hard to tell if it was a woman or child but it echoed in my head. I’ve done my research on the screaming and have found it’s a psychological issue that some people experience before entering Deep REM. The issue I have with this is I never experienced the screaming until I began energy work and astral projection willingly. It always seems to happen when I’m getting closer to a truth like I’m cursed.

It always drives me insane because it wakes me out of astral projection, remote viewing, lucid dreams, and it literally feels like a curse that someone previously put on me or a parasite in the astral plane that is trying to keep me under the veil. Last night it happened again and I woke up and just cleaned my house and made music until I finally passed out at 4am again. This time I woke up at 8am, which is typical for me since I usually only need 3 to 5 hours of sleep to function.

I think it’s time to ask for some help and I may as well begin my evocation process of King Paimon. I’ll keep everyone updated with my personal journey and as usual on all my other replies / posts, I’d love to hear others insights.


I’d suggest you to do a banishing (just in case) and work a bit on your astral defenses!

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I’m sure it’s something deeper than just a banishing spell. I’ve done plenty lol.

I personally think it’s a block on my subconscious. I was previously binded by someone.

Edit :
I did have an issue with one banishing spell and had part of my chakra damaged. It’s the main reason I learned so much about energy work / psychic vampire concepts. Now it constantly feels like there is a hand reaching into my right shoulder. Hard to explain but I’m used to it, just feels like a hole.

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Then as I said, work on your astral defenses!

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Always, Ill let you know what happens. I’m waiting for a full moon or an extremely windy / cold night.

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Do you by chance know any good places to look at demon habitats? I live in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. I’m around 16,000 feet in elevation and would love to learn some other demons / entities that may be good to summon. Maybe someone to summon to request to accompany King Paimon.

I have been looking into the Norse as well and have had some work with Odin before. Just curious.

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I mean, Lucifer is also a good spirit to work with. Other than that, if you’ve looked into norse spirits before, you can try that!

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Lucifer is definitely someone I planned on evoking eventually. Don’t know if I’m quite ready for that experience yet lol.

The Norse gods are generally all mountain dwellers, I was just curious if there were any demons that maybe also reside in the mountains / reflect off of their Norse counterparts etc.

It’s hard to find information like that from what I’ve noticed since they’re mostly astral beings.

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I’m not really a norse god expert, so I can’t help you much there…

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Haha I meant the demons. But I already started looking.

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First connection with King Paimon :

When they say someone makes an entrance… King Paimon definitely makes an entrance when he wants to be known.

I finished painting a sigil I am working on for my altar and right when the last bit of white highlights were added to the painting… He showed up. My heaters banged louder than ever, my music volume varied back and forth between specific words and notes, my cats ran out of the room, everything went silent and then loud again. The intensity is insane…

“Will he summon us?” I kept hearing this echo in my head after the insane amount of noise then I felt an overwhelming pressure on my crown chakra as if someone was repeatedly tapping on my astral body. Except the thing is… I can’t see auras. “Perceive” I just kept saying this in my head as if I was asking a question and then everything went calm. Out of the corner of my eye was King Paimon sitting in my vacant chair.

He told me the question isn’t what he can do for me, but what direction I want to go with his help and if I was truly ready to make a deal with him. I was blatantly told I cannot proceed until I am willing to make a pact with him. Has anyone else experienced this with King Paimon? I’m honestly getting goose bumps as I write this because the immense energy I felt in my dreams just hit me in real life from a brush stroke. The loud bangs finally stopped with one last bang to the back door of my house.

I can still feel his energy around me but his presence has definitely left as for now. My cats are back in my room sitting in my lap just purring as if they saw what happened to.


I’ll update this in an hour with my experience. The energy is still bouncing around my body and I can feel it in my root chakra, third eye and my crown. It is not balanced just chaos.


Way too drained, I’ll explain what happened in the morning. I’m definitely going to try and lucid dream tonight as usual though.

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Congrats on your experience! That was a successful summoning and I have no doupt that it was him!

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