King paimon info

I need help figuring out whether or not I succesfully summoned king paimon. I read about how to summon him, drew the sigil on paper with pencil, retraced it with black tattoo ink, lit two candles, and started saying the chant “Linan Tasa Jaden Paimon” I made sure i pronounced it right Jaden as Yaden and I even played some music dedicated to him on YouTube from my TV as i said it. After about 1 minute i felt a feeling that “someting” that i couldnt see was around me and listening, but the feeling was very weak. I assumed it was him and told him what i wanted, then made the offering (i head he liked sweets). I offered blue agave, a shot of soda, chocolate oats, and a cinammon roll. Im not sure how the spirits take the offering because they certainly did not disappear. I also said that if he wasnt gonna reveal himself to me to come to me in one of my dreams or to manifest infront me where i could see him the next time i tried to summon him. Anyways i said out loud i was ending the summoning and blew out the candles and put the paper sigil away, afterwards i heard an electric pop type of noise, it startled me. (keep in mind the noise) then i got a thought in my mind “go ahead, have some of the drink and food” it said. It wasnt scary but calming. The second time I tried summoning I used four candles, chanted the enn, felt a presence this time from what seemed like deep inside me. i stated what i wanted in great detail, then ended the summoning, i hear the same electric noise that i heard the first time after i blew out the candles, after that i thought i was him leaving maybe? or him letting me know he was listening? About two weeks later i had two very lucid short dreams, the first one i saw his sigil on a wall for about three seconds, then woke up interested as to what i just saw haha. The second one was about five seconds long and i saw his giant sigil in a white room, it sat still for about 3 seconds then zoomed towards me in a spinning motion then i woke up. What do these dreams mean? I only saw his sigils in the dreams, not him or his voice. is it a sign that hes listening?

Please use the forum search function, your questions have already been answered, since the things you mentioned are common when it comes to such situations.

As for the dreams, I believe they’re positive signs.