King Paimon for mind control

Today I connected to Paimon for the first time using Gordon Winterfield’s method from DoM (ritual 1, petition for results).

In Henry Archer’s book about Angels & Demons one of his listed powers is “to control the thoughts and feelings of another via the will,” so I thought that could be useful on a layered set of rituals I’m working on.

I’m looking for experiences with Paimon assisting in dominations and mind/heart control of targets, but most of what I found searching the forums is about him helping in business and money-related situations.

I know he’s not much of a “feelings” demon, which is why I focused more on the control part, and not the feelings themselves (I’ll be working with Dantalion and Orias for that). Since the petition for this ritual is meant to be stated in present tense, mine said “I control the thoughts and feelings of X.”

Now, here’s the curious part… I haven’t done full evokations before, and this was just a petition for results, however, it was the first time I sensed a spirit softly “challenging” me. I felt he asked me “but are you in control of yourself?” I stated I was/am, which is why I assume my divine authority and right to express my will and have it done. I didn’t beg or anything, but I did politely tell him to please cooperate, and proceeded with my gift/offering (lighting a blue candle and frankincense for him).

I didn’t feel he was being negative or anything, but I found it curious for him to question me.

Still, I kept my authority and remained in control knowing my petition will be done because I said so.

Anyway, any experiences when it comes to Paimon and domination and control of targets?

I think King Paimon was politely reminding you of the old adage, “Before you can master others, you must first master yourself.”

In other words, are you the type of person who is ruled by their emotions? Do you get angry at every little inconvenience or if things don’t go your way? You can’t expect to control the mind of someone else, if you cannot control your own.


I definitely felt it that way too!

To be honest, I’m very emotional, but that doesn’t mean I do impulsive things or that I’m out of control. I genuinely enjoy feeling intensely, but I take extreme care in what I say and do.

Do you think that King Paimon can influence someone to quit smoking? I know someone whom I like a great deal, who smokes, which is probably contributing to a disease she has. She is a long time smoker, an addict. I don’t yet have the ability to do an evocation. Do you know if he is open to such a request?

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Yes. He can help with giving the person the will to quit. However, I would also petition a spirit like Opfaal, who can free the mind from addictions.

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thank you!

I petitioned to Haagenti to help me have self-discipline for weight loss, and he’s helpful!

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Thank you for your help!