King Paimon, Duke Dantalion and Duke Sallos

I usually don’t go for “Can anyone check” type posts. I’m a bit stubborn and feel that I should be “feeling my way through” when learning. I’ve been a practicing witch for nearly 28 years (a witch my whole life) but this is a completely new path im exploring (envoking).

I’m a Cancer so I have to be “in the know” constantly in terms of my own life and doings. I tend to over think my own day to day whatnots. So Ive thought this through and decided when learning something new as I am its ok wise to ask others whom have been doing this longer than me. So…

I evokes Dukes Dantalion and Sallos nearly three weeks ago for different things but long the same lines. Dantalion to get back in touch with a friend and Sallos to help prevent lusting (but I think he gave up on me or I just didnt put a timeframe down because it only lasted about a day). Yesterday I evoked King Paimon because I read when that when evoking Dukes you should introduce yourself to their Kings as well (???) so I did and asked it he would assist in my quest.

Now I decided that it would help calm my mind a wee bit if anyone who has a deeper connection to these three men might be able to see if they have indeed heard my quest and if perhaps things are progressing. Im learning Tarot and will give everyone a look at my last nights spread to show an answer I received but im just learning so im doubtful as to whether im interpreting them correctly as im finding what I think some of the cards mean are totally not the case.

So basically what im wondering if someone could check in with the higher ups and just see if im on track and all is well. I dont mind waiting but if the order was never processed or went though then am i waiting for nothing? Clear as mud???

Thank you if you made it thus far lol

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Here’s the thing, no one like to speak to spirits on behalf of others. We don’t like it and spirits don’t like it (especially King Paimon). I suggest you look for signs, or just wait to see if you have any results.