King Paimon Dream

Hello Everyone! I’m Maisy and I’m new on this site and I was wondering about this dream I had of King Paimon a few weeks ago… So before I had the dreams I listened to his enn chanting. Then a few days after I had this dream where i was in this desert looking place with broken pieces of metal or building ruble everywhere, then I saw this figure that had a black hooded robe on with a tail and horns. I didn’t see the figure very well, but in the next dream I kind of caught a glimpse of King Paimon’s face it was very feminine too, he was also with this other demon I dont know if it was Abalam or Beball. The demon King Paimon was with though was taller than him and had dark blue, black feathery wings, he also was very muscular too. Then after I took one look at both King Paimon and the demon, this demon proceeds to chase after me when I started running away from them (I think King Paimon just wanted to communicate with me but my scared ass kept running from him). So after these dreams happened I had another dream of me in hell with this giant cave of some sort and King Paimon was with his camel, with Abalam and Beball this time, I just stared at them when they came to me and didn’t say anything. Then after I take one step away from them, then this same demon with Dark Blue, Black wings grabs me from behind and the dream just ends there, I woke up feeling a little strange from it.

So this was the dream I had of King Paimon I’m not quite sure if he was trying to communicate with me or not through my dreams?

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Hmm, I’m not sure about that blue winged person. I don’t know if that was King Paimon. However, you did also see the real King Paimom there…

Well, the best way to know is to summon him and ask him yourself!

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