King paimon ascent ritual anthology 3

Anyone tried it yet? Planning it out now but want to hear about people’s experiences with it.


I guess the book just came out and people haven’t had the chance to do that yet. This would be my first working from this grimoire and I’ll let you know how it goes after.

That’s probably my next book purchase after i recover from this nasty vet bill. How is it?

I liked it there’s something there for everyone, some Norse stuff some Persian some ascent rituals some money rituals, even a love spell thrown in.
Ea put his Belial get out of jail free card spell there too. Which could come in handy if you’re dealing with worst case scenario. S Ben got some lovcraftian incantations there that I’m probably gonna keep away from for now. I love the guys jinn magick stuff but this current I’m not sure is right for me. A few fucked up curses thrown in as well.

I’m gonna do the king paimon spell the money spell, the Zagan rite and aseneths lilith mirror ritual. Maybe the goodhood invocation and summoning ritual as well, even though I don’t really know anything about that current it’s still seems interesting and I need some ascent focused rights so…fuck it why not.