King paimon and king belial

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. I need some help and advice.I’ ve done my research but I can’t seem to find exactly what am looking for.
I need my ex husband to contact me directly without the lawyers involved to discuss some settlement agreements.He has this ill hearted lawyer that for some reason doesn’t like me .This woman really goes out of her way to make sure nothing gets accomplished.
I have read that King Belial is great with legal/court matters and King Paimon can bend someone to the magicians will.So here’s my question, Can I invoke both at the same time? I need my ex husband to agree to whatever settlement I ask him without question. I need him to do everything I ask him following my lead like a fool . I need him to drop all this bogus cases he has on me and to dismiss all this corrupt police he has in his pocket. I need him to stop listening to his lawyers advice.This lawyer doesn’t want this to end . Am tired of this back and forth with him and I need my life back. My kids and I are currently living with my parents so privacy is very difficult.It drives me nuts.
I appreciate all feedback.
Thanks guys.

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If it were me, I would just to make sure everyone’s on the same page as far as what you want, and to make sure they’re both ok with doing this.

Maybe try doing your work in the bathroom or even in your vehicle. I’m a mommy of 4 small kids, so I get it. If I have absolutely nowhere to go, I do my work in my vehicle.

Good luck :bouquet:

Had to sell my cars. Only have my parents cars at the moment (my moms car and dads car ) My mom is always with hers and am not that close with my dad to borrow his car.I once tried invoking in my parents bedroom but I couldn’t concentrate. I disappear for like 5 mins and my kids are like asking everyone where’s my mom .:smile: Looking for me everywhere.

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Ok . I’ll try asking them if it’s ok .
Thanks a lot

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You can surely summon multiple spirits at the same time. However, King Paimon doesn’t deal with love matters. He thinks of them as a waste of his time.

It’s not love matters.Even if he was the last man on earth I wouldn’t want him back.What I want is for him to be cooperative. I’ve realized I’ll never be free unless he stops haunting me.So all I want is for him to contact me, agree to the settlements , divorce me and sign whatever paperwork he’s given and he completely forgets about us .
I was thinking King Belial for legal matters and King Paimon for making him do as I wish.

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In that case, I think it’ll work!