King paimon and chocolate

I connected with king paimon using his sigil rose oil candle and frankincense incense. He came through answered some of my questions because I am not happy and want a new job. He told me to be patient and it isnt time to move. He will help make my job easier so I enjoy it for now. He came across as serious and business like. I told him the candle and incense was for him. He told me he appreciated it again not a lot of emotion. I then told him I had a piece of chocolate as an offering but I will eat it and he can enjoy the pleasure he said fine go ahead. The chocolate piece was handmade and top quality. I took my first bite boy oh boy he loved it. I had goosebumps shivers and feeling of euphoria he almost became impatient and my left hand was trembling as he told me to put the last bite in my mouth. I enjoyed the last piece and his attitude was now different excited and friendlier. He told me he loved the chocolate more than the candle and incense. It was so cool to experience his reaction so if you want to thank the king ever try chocolate.


Thanks for sharing! It’s true that King Paimon really likes all quality sweets. It’s a really great offering indeed!


That’s awesome.
Yeah he has a very sweet tooth. I noticed that too. I also like to make hot milk with honey for him. I don’t use regular honey. It has to be a better quality, fit for a King.
When it gets colder i have to try chai latte.
I guess the spices and sweetness should be his thing.