King Paimon and Angel Saspu relationship

So I evoked King Paimon for some reasons, we got along pretty fast and my love for him started on the first day. That’s why I am dedicating a tattoo to him on my heart because I love tattoos and that is one way for me to be grateful to him and show him my love for him. I cannot see the King or hear him but through this Forum he answers my questions. Is funny but I do believe that and I feel his presence with me since I called him. But today I told him that I decided to evoke an angel cause I would like Saspu to help with something that is not the favorite topic of King Paimon. I made clear and sure that he is my love and I am going to give him all the things I promised him but I am going to work with Angels and Spirits. After I called Angel Saspu I don’t feel the king presence anymore. It might be I offended him somehow? Or he is busy maybe, but is making me paranoid and afraid to loose him. I tried to talk to him like we usually do but I didn’t feel anything. It might be cause I called the angel? Or just busy? Let me know guys your opinion on this I really NEED IT :grin:


The things I promised I am going to do it but He knows that I have financially problems and actually helped my boyfriend to get a second job yesterday. I will share the story later on, + all the things the King did for me :blush::blush::blush:

No, King Paimon wouldn’t be offended if you want to work with Saspu. He is a very popular spirit these days, so he most likely just stepped away to do other work while you start with Saspu since he won’t be involved.

The angels from the Kingdoms of Flame are not the same as the more well known angels and archangels. They come from realms that contain demons as well, and so are very close to the demonic energetically. There’s no reason King Paimon would have a problem.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: so he is just busy :blush::blush::blush: thank you, I am reassured​:grin: and didn’t want to be involved while I a work with Angel Saspu


I have another question. Is going to be the same relation for Duke Dantalion and Angel Saspu? Like I called the Angel in afternoon, can i call Duke Dantalion tonight?

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So if I understand right: yes means that the Angel is going away if i call the Duke and vice versa, but yes i can call The Duke tonight even i called Saspu in in the afternoon, so u are telling me i can work with them without crashing each other? Or compromising my calls?

Yes, you can. As I explained in the previous post above, the angel won’t interfere with the demons or vice versa.

I’m not sure what you mean by “the angel is going away if I call the Duke.” The angel won’t “go away” until you dismiss him to go about his work. I assume you aren’t calling him just to leave him hanging around while you go about evoking the demon.

You can even evoke angels and demons together. Angels and demons don’t hate each other, though some have personal grudges. Mostly, it is simple polarity. Demons and angels of similar polarity go well together and those of opposing polarity conflict.

If you are planning to use both on the same target, remember that Saspu will not do any mind control to force someone to love you. He doesn’t play that way.


Angels, demons, etc. are all spirits. They often work together and they really don’t mind if you work with other spirits as well. Actually in some rituals, you call many spirits at once.

As for King Paimon specifically, not only he doesn’t mind if you work with angels, but he also has armies of angelic spirits. But be aware that he’s really busy more often than not. He’s a spirit that will come when summoned, hear you out, talk to you and then leave. There are exceptions, of course.

So, don’t worry at all!