King Paimon always delivers

I’m creating this topic to share my very successful experiences with King Paimon, and to encourage everyone to do the same.

Every single time I call upon King Paimon, weather through an evocation or simply charging his sigil and voicing my will he is quick to deliver, and not once has he failed me.

I first came across King Paimon through E. A.’s story about how he was about to loose his job and he performed an evocation. After reading that I felt almost an instant connection and I knew at one point I’d need to call the king myself.

Lo and behold, that time came, more than once, and every time I succeed, with the daemons help

The last time I called him was because I needed two clients to close with us, at first only one did, I figured the magick had worked halfway so i called Paimon again to thank him and burn his sigil. One week later however the second client called us and closed as well

So here I am, fulfilling my part and publicly thanking King Paimon, as well as creating a place for people to share their experiences with this wonderfully powerful daemon, so thank you and hail King Paimon.


Thanks for sharing!




That’s wonderful, hail King Paimon.

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