King Paimon, A Big Big Thank You To You! Hail King Paimon

Hello everyone!

I’m writing this to share my experience with King Paimon. A few months ago, I started to praying to King Paimon asking him to be my spiritual teacher and guide. Prior to praying to King Paimon, I struggled for more 10 years with lack of clarity and direction in my life… Every day, I prayed to him very sincerely to help me. With each passing day, I have been getting some clear messages and instructions from him. One of the things King Paimon really has been teaching me is to meditate and look within myself (my positives and my negatives). There were a few times I felt extremely scared for my life with so many delays and obstacles (both personal and professional life). He’s always asked me to stay calm and be patient… I truly feel blessed and very lucky to have his blessings! Thank you King Paimon! Thank you King Paimon! Thank you King Paimon! Thank you for this wonderful forum for giving me an opportunity to offer my thanks…


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