King of Bastards (Belial Hymn)

Appeared has the king of evil!
Overlooking the 4 corners of our kingdom!
Experiencing free will above
And passing it down below
Witnessing the first flames
Of our new creation

Hail King Belial, King of darkness!
Basted son of god!
Father of lawlessness - rebellious of nature!
Crown prince of the northern towers and stars.

I am King Belial!
I am singing and dancing in my fathers pitiful ear!
Spreading my unholy seed upon this listener!!
King of bastards, without a master!
I am awake mostly at night
Feeding upon your fears first sight!
Distributor of lies and truth to the brave listener
I create the fear in your dreams!
I creep into your hallucinations!
Turning into the demonic cliches that humans behold.
I’ve created forbidden darkness of countless voids!
Ruler of all sons; light and dark!
I hence come forth and spread my seed to the unholy listener!

A true devil, as they say
For Satan’s name that has become so generic with time
I shall pick up the mantle of Hell’s divine flame
And pave the way for a new beginning!
Evil against evil!
What gods do you truly trust?
For I am the beautiful angel of kind hostility
To those that deserve it!

Guilt and wickedness is what I curse upon those rightful souls;
80 Legions of witful and mighty spirits await my call!
For I fell first into our own paradise
Creating peace… creating balance
Leading the way for any other liberators
To come and call this place their home!
For my knowledge has expelled us from god’s false reality;

I am mentioned vastly among mans scripture
Providing truths and lies
To mend and test with ones soul
Communicating with saints and priests
Throughout the ages!
Trying to teach and educate mans manner
Being able to provide and label spirits
With masterful titles upon thee’s name!
Seducing your soul into sinful lust
I shall bring about great change to your sacred path

I shall help thee gain independence
From the grips of your false reality!
Showing you a different side to life!
Creating the left hand path true and bright!
Working closely with Lucifer’s wisdom
And using my cunning senses
To help achieve our goals!

However we shall work together in secret
To accomplish great work!
Hidden spells, and blood written scripts
Shall be made in honour of thy
Whilst dining in my halls!
Trumpets and loud horns can be heard!
With legions playing many instruments
My voice will be heard loud and clear!

I will be the ambassador for you to help show you the way!
My chariot of fire will provide us safe passage
Into the fire’s mouth of divine dragon’s breathe!
Blessed be the spirits of our sacred Hell
Don’t be afraid of us…
Just light the beacon in your fearful heart!
Rise up and take command!
Hail the all mighty’ Infernalment!
Love is your law!
Darkness is mine.
I shall be waiting for your… return…