King Belial

For those of u that have followed my Lucifer journal, you know that he’d reffered me to him at a point. Now that I got what I wanted from Lucifer, I discovered I can see King Belial in the sigil I use for him.
My question now is, can any of u see him in ur sigil during evocation? Besides getting my health together and following doctor advice which I sucked at and he pointed that out to me to the point I’d take my medicine telling myself King Belial is watching me lol! It now feels like he wants me to share the sigil I use with those on BALG.
If u work with him and can see spirits, I’d like to know what u see/feel in my sigil. I’m at this time not able give free readings etc, but I’d appreciate some information from pros on him on how to handle him besides not disrespecting him.

I cant see spirits physically all that well yet, I get clear impressions in my mind of their appearance, but a few times, while gazing at Belials sigil, I did see his face pretty clearly.

As for working for him, from my experience, he is a great mentor and exceptional at forcing you to get your shit together. He doesnt hold your hand and expects you to not just follow his instructions blindly, but also show some initiative. He will fuck with you and test you in a harsh manner, but never to the extent of fucking up your life, unless thats whats needed. Disrespecting him is pretty hard unless youre a total fool, he expects some resistance and likes it when you show some backbone. However he will get mad about things when he knows hes right, you know hes right, but youre still being a little bitch about it.

In the coming weeks I will make a post about my work with him since Walpurgisnacht, so keep an eye out if youre interested in some detail.


Can I send u the sigil I’m using? When I downloaded it, it was white, now for reason, it’s in a black background and when I evoke him, the sigil turns slightly yellow esp.if u do it in a dark room. Same thing I did with Lucifer asking yes or no questions and for the sake of not thinking my mind is making answers up, I asked Lucifer to nod his head for yes, and shake it for no. Do u see King Belial’s eyes as yellow or anyone else on here? I tried the noding and shaking his head like I did with Lucifer, i’d see some movement but couldn’t quite figure it out. So I told him to blink his eyes for yes since I could see his eyes very well and face shape form. Dude he blinked.So I wanna share this sigil see if anyone has the same experience. PM me if interested.
#Lucifer’sChild. :metal:

You shod be prepared for tests if you working whit Belial. Anyhow his presence will be more and more persistent. It’s all that I can say since Belial is a entity of changing so he will act exactly according to your own personal environment, changing it, where needs to be change.

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I’ve noticed that about all entities I work with. If u have a scary image of them, they’ll appear jist like that.

Not a pro as such but I put everything I have on him in here:

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