King Belial/virtual gambling

Belial has showed me that he can manipulate virtual things also,involved with gambling…
i was trying ot get a prize in a game and the chance were like 0.1% or less and that with 50 or more items,the item in quesiton would need to be upgraded from 0 to 10,like + 1 + 2 + 3 and etc,until + 10 and even with only one item,which was like zero chance,the item went from 0 to 10 without any failing and i won the prize…
tbh i said to him,knowing your power,even with the odds at zero,even zero in your hands can be all…
so,fuck…i won
it was like 5 minutes ago i am still astonished…
well,just want to share because it was amazing to me…
hail to the King


if you like to be introduced to the King Belial,leave a message here

private msg

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Congrats on the success, but I do have to ask, why private?

There’s a lot about Belial on this forum openly shared, I put all my experiences to date summarised in thsi thread for example:

Belial isn’t the type to want someone to speak for him or be his gatekeeper, so feel free to share anything on here, and good work with the odds there! :thumbsup:


that’s what he said to me,i’m just following his instructions,just doing my part,i am awakened for 3 days in contact with him,i am doing my best

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