King belial my teacher

The post I had made about finding out who was this spirit that was in my room was because. I had been having some problems with something waking me up in the middle of the night, for a month. So long story short it was him. I asked him for a specific result and he came through, I dident want to believe it at first with the evidence in my face but I did eventually. He’s been with me for a really long time watching from the shadows and teaching me when it was needed. Only just recently did he decide to take a more active role with me, he had tried before when I was a kid but when he spoke I thought it was gods voice. I was a christian back then went to church the next day and the pastor prayed over me.

I asked him for help to remove the things that weaken me and to teach so I can become a stronger individual. I don’t know how good my ability to hear spirits is but when we talk I can hear him as clear as day. I asked him about if it was something he was doing or if it was just me. He just said to post my question and I will find out.

And before I forget he either offered to turn me demonic upon death or something along those lines. I think he was offering to teach me how to escape the second death. I don’t really like the idea of dying then becoming someone else so I think that’s why he made the offer. I searched on the form but there’s not much info on that.

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That’s actually a beautiful story, I got a little emotional reading it. I love reading when newer magicians start realizing their potential, where everything starts coming together and actually work hard to develop it.