King Belial, Lord of Vampires? + Should I work with him?

I feel like he is calling me. Reading a thread on him I hear he is a rather tough teacher and I am weary of my own weakness. I don’t think he would draw me to him if he did not see anything that interested him.

What I want from him is extensive and I don’t think I have the offerings to cover it. Call me old fashioned but I would only call on a spirit of his power if I require that amount of power. I am cautious of his association with lies. I inherently do not trust him. I am worried that even if I provide everything he asked, he would still not decide to honour our deal. It’s his prerogative but for a sorcerer who wants to utilize real relationships and create deals that will be honoured in full, he may be a risk. I am not rejecting or insulting him, but if he is known as the “Liar”, it makes me feel like I can’t trust him, which I need to build relationships with him.

Is he the lord of vampires? I heard he was.

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That’s your first issue.[quote=“Noxxshroude, post:1, topic:21480”]
Is he the lord of vampires? I heard he was.

There are multiple.

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Lord Belial is indeed a harsh teacher.

You also have to be very specific with what you ask of him. Just keep in mind, sometimes he’ll give you what you ask for; however, it may not be exactly what you expected. He does deliver though. The thing he delivers to you may need work. He does make you work your ass off for it. In the end, it makes you appreciate it more. I think that’s the lesson he imparts on such endeavors.

As for the vampire thing, I don’t think I’m familiar with that side of Lord Belial. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of his aspects however.


I’ve never heard him being associated with lies or heard him mention that. Now of course I know a liar isn’t going to say he’s a liar. But liar is a harsh word. There are demons that are described as being liars. In fact they are not lying to purposly decieve. They may have a trickster nature and just like to stir people up and see how they react. Or they may be testing you or lead you in the wrong direction to see if you find the roght way on their own.

I’d say Belial is the opposite than that he is brutally honest and straightforward. He will not sugar coat things he will tell you exactly what he wants.

As far as being lord of vampires I haven’t heard that either. I have heard him having knowledge of werewolves and vampiries. That witches who were interested in becoming either recieved good advice from him. This might have to do with him being a gatekeeper of earth and the connection of wolves to the earth. I have seen him take the form of a giant wolf and a werewolf.

Id say if there is something you want Belial’s help with then put what you think you know about him aside and just ask him for help. If you go in thinking he’s the lord of vampires that’s how he most likely could appear. If he demands a sacrifice you can’t deliver tell him. You are allowed to say no. Just don’t agree to something and then not fufill your end. That will really piss him off he hates that. He appreciates honesty above everything.


Lord Belial is a lovely father figure who helps when no one will even look at you or offer a helping hand.He delivers realistic goals in hours and helps rebuild lives x he deserves respect and love.If you have doubts your work with him is likely to fail.

You know who are the real liars? The Gods of organised religion that make people hate each other to cause bloodshed to feed themselves and their pimps and agents sitting in churches and mosques.


I am definitely going to add a bit to this with my own experiences so far with King Belial.

First I have to agree with the honesty part. The next thing is, I find it interesting about the vampires and wolves. But from my experience SO far, yes he does indeed deliver and yes he does make you go out and do things to get it. Depending on what it maybe, it can be something quick or something that may take months or years to get. Just think of him as one those old teachers (hope he doesn’t mind me saying old :joy:) you know the ones that are extremely strict and make you do everything but every so often shows kindness or even may reward you. He definitely isn’t one for you to just kick back and have it handed to you. You work for your meal per say. But the more your onto achieving that goal the easier it will be.
An example for me is me trying to get my feet on the ground, go to college and have a comfortable place to live as well as a few other things in between. Yes I am working with more then one being for this, but that day I first evoked him, he definitely went into action and after I went to the last one to help, I literally went from me worrying about money for food a week and half ago to now got accepted to a medical college within means, having a bit more money to my name for food and needed things as well as possibly getting hired as a permanent worker at one of the places that I love all happened this week. It all falls into place but like what I had to do and get out of my comfort zone and asked about employment or spend a bit more on a Uber to get me to the college. Just be strong and think well. Also know depending on the demon in question, some wait in order to get you into the best position possible. So this may take a bit longer with some.