King Belial - living at fullest

living at fullest

this is something that i want to write to the King belial

do you know the good adrenaline that makes you feel alive?
there is a King that has a dose for you
there is a king that will extract the best of you
there is a king that can be a tutor and take you off from distress
all comes with a challenge you gotta pass the test

there is this world that can be lived at fullest
you will take the path not looking to the past
you will experience things never lived before
you will be in awe with everything that is goin on

you will sit at the sun light to observe the little details of nature
will feel your pocket full of money
you will realize that the path of the king is to make you become the best
you will stop bitching about little details from the fucking past

become the one in charge of your own life!



The Savage.


Yeah, lately he’s been pointing over my shoulder alot at the inadequecies of others, telling me how they waste ther time on things that do not even matter even though they think they are being intelligent. Focusing on what is most important is key.