King Belial Evocation video critique needed

I need some critique if any on my 1st evocation video. No trolling plz. Lemme know if u see what I saw. That being said, from previous Lilith’s pics, so many people saw so many different things in the pics I got. All however if not most, pointed to

I did a King Belial evocation earlier. So far, only 1user has said something others haven’t said yet. With this in mind, plz take a min to review this and tell me if u see what I saw. Vid gets more interesting at around min 7 or 8 and onwards. N FYI, my flashlight wasn’t on.

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Brother, I apologize for being somewhat rude.
But I don’t see shit.

If you want a real fucking Manifestation of these Kings
I’d recommend self-igniting Charcoal and White Copal incense.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face: