King Belial, Axa oddra

Four days ago King Belial was signalizing the thing, he wants to work with me on something so I summoned him. Yesterday, I received some omen or vision in a moment of me swearing, that I will stop my addiction to nicotine, to which led me experience which was few minutes before. I had something with my heart when I tought
I will die and my blood pressure increased and everything went so blurry. In the vision, I was in dark, in front of some altar on which was sigil of some kind with white lines. Inside my head popped immediately in that moment names Lilith and Astaroth,feeling the mix of their vibes. Shortly after this, I have asked telephatically who this spirit is and I have HEARD : I am Axa Oddra. It shocked me. I was searching about her here on BALG and came to informations like that she’s connected with King Belial in some way and she has vibes of Lilith and Astaroth mixed up. Probadly these signals were made by King Belial, because I think he doesnt like the idea of me smoking cigarettes and Axa Oddra visited me in a moment of me being in anxiety of my life, when I told myself, I will stop and will never go back.


So are you planning to broke up with smoking?

Cutting down the chains which keeps you in the material world with physical senses (in the forms of sense gratification) is a very useful thing. Not just to your health, but to your spiritual development as well and with enough practice and time, you’ll find success, happiness and balance in your life. More than you ever experienced it before.

You are a soul, and you have to take care of your soul’s needs. Things like smoking, drugs, alcohol, too much food, sex etc. are unnecessary to your body and this is just more true in your soul’s case, and it will keep you in the ground. So your mind, consciousness.

Keep healthy your body, and every kind of time and energy you would like to spend with unnecessary, material activites, give it to your very soul and you’ll see how fast and strong you can be without these kind of chains and illusions.

Wanna broke up with smoking? It won’t be an easy ride,
but I hope the best to you and hail King Belial! :black_heart::wolf:



That is what I’ve been forcefully taught by Azazel, totally the opposite to the idea of living like an animal that some LHP practitioners preach.


The person who originally started that thread had their life fall apart and lost their mind way past what most magicians ever deal with. Apparently she’s highly parasitic and played him for years. I never worked on any of it myself, though most of the more experienced magicians stayed away from it at the time it was a very active thread. Not trying to dissuade you, just giving you a heads up on it.

What I have learned from Belial and the way he operates is that there’s likely good information in the thread very relevant to you. However it’s up to you to figure out what and how much is there for you.


Who? Axa oddra?

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Yes, or at least that’s what her discoverer claimed before massive attacks, mental illness etc and having things deleted and posting a bunch of warnings.

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I already figured out what I am here to do, I don’t need to discuss quiting ciggaretes and what benefits it has, i just quit, simply as that.

Eighter way, thank you for infos. Its second day and I am already starting to feel much better. I didn’t have a chance yet to talk with Axa Oddra, but I will get to that and maybe I will share experience.