King Belial and smoking


Yes, he will most likely be able to advice on it.


Thank you, that helps a lot.


Don´t worry about it.


Lol my vape pen literally disappeared. Like its no where to be found. I’m taking this as a hint he wants me to quit


Yes with Belial by your side…you would be able to quit. He does work on addictions, shadow self, fears, negative habits and emotions…to name a few. Yes he doesn’t like to see you weak and dependent. He is cutting down my sweet and tea intake. Gently nudging me each day to chose something healthier to eat e.g. An apple instead of a piece of cake, green tea instead of milk and sugar tea etc. Smoking messes with your entire system. The substances you are telling about are basically harmful but still I understand that it’s hard but of course not impossible. Connect to him closely. Try keeping his sigil under your pillow after charging it with his enn. You can light
a candle in a dark room and focus on him. See if you feel his energy or him around you and listen intently. he may speak to you. I am.clairaudient, claircognizant and clairsentient so I hear, have a sense of inner knowing and feel messages and vibes. All the best :+1:


Nasal snuff and/or oral tobacco - way to go. I even grow my own.



Uncle Al
Don’t worry… Try Belial😈


Nicotine and caffeine are sacraments to me. When I die I’ll stop using. I use these for health reasons - mental health reasons.



I am sorry. :flushed:I didn’t know that as you didn’t mention this. I hope I didn’t hurt you. I didn’t know the seriousness.


Cool. I been addicted to caffeine practically all of my life and to nicotine for more than 35 years. My only regret is that I never started sooner on tobacco, particularly nasal snuff.



Ok. I have actually no knowledge about these stuff. So I only know them as drugs to induce addictions. I don’t drink or smoke. The only thing I like is tea and coffee in terms of little bit addiction.


Lucifer and Belial have both admonishes me against smoking cigarettes or as as they both said separately.

Belial: if you let a mere substance control you, you are nothing but a slave. How can you reign supreme when you are nothing but slave to your own weakness?

Lucifer/Amaymon: you will ruin the voice of god that rests in your throat. I wonder isn’t it purpose of your empire to last? How will it be done through you “enjoying” toxic gas?

This is not their exact words but close enough I am paraphrasing here. With that being said I am may refrain from smoking, you do whatever you want.


Something he’s actually told me was
“Vaping isn’t a habit of power and if you expect to get anywhere, I suggest changing that. Funnel your time more wisely”


Yeah, my vape stopped working too. I’ve cut down a lot since my last post. I only smoke every 2-3 hours, sometimes 4, sometimes 6. It depends on how stressful the day is. Now mind you I’m the type that used to smoke 1 packet in 2-3 hours. I switched to tobacco to cut down my intake because cigarettes didn’t satisfy me. Still smoking weed but nowadays I smoke it pure. I’m not addicted to weed. It’s the cigarettes I need to stop. And King Belial has really been very helpful. In my life; it’s been great. Him and Lucifer have really turned it around.


Thank you. I’m working on my clairaudience at the moment… But I can feel things and I can channel (not on a whim… When the Gods speak to me.) But I keep missing my Champix appointment. I know it’ll help me quit smoking. I just need to get it, you know? I’ll be okay. :blush:


Estos dioses te ayudan a actualizar tu Dios no van con los adictos


El vicio te mete un fantasma en tu aura


Y belial o Azazel te harán vomitar al fantasma y te verás cara a cara con la muerte😱