King Belial and smoking

Well, yesterday I telepathically greeted King Belial. And after? I now have this urge to quit smoking. I smoke tobacco, then switched to weed as a way to cut down my tobacco intake.

Now I want to quit both the weed and the tobacco.

I mean, I’m happy because it will free up finances which I can then use to channel to other things…

But I hope I have the strength to do it. I’ve tried to quit before and bowed out when I couldn’t take it anymore.

But I think with King Belial by my side I can do it. :blush:


I just have to mention that this is now 3 people in 24 hours on BALG that have experiencing something relating to Belial and smoking. For me yesterday and @GodlessEndeavor today, Belial shorted out our e-cigarettes, causing them to plume smoke. And now you are suddenly having this urge to quit smoking. Maybe I’m reaching, but something worth thinking about - maybe Belial has some objection to smoking. I know others have said he’s prejudiced against addictions anyways.

Regarding quitting, try Champix (varenicline). It will prevent your brain from registering cravings or deriving any reward response from smoking nicotine-based products. It works very well.


Makes sense. Smoking may quite literally be messing with our spiritual work considering all the harmful crap in cigarettes and side effects of vaping.


Sounds pretty accurate.

While he’s about “being your own master”, self-indulgence and overall doing what you want, he hates addiction because it tampers with free will. People have been known to get addicted to cigarettes, so it’s likely he wants you to break the habit so you can have a healthier life.


@thestrangescientist make that to 4, I haven’t smoked cigarettes for a while now after contacting Belial, I haven’t even missed cigarettes though I wasn’t particularly addicted to smoking.
I have had thoughts to buy cigarettes, but I haven’t done it for some reason.


I used to smoke off and on for well over a decade. I was well aware of the negative effects it caused on health, finances and hygiene. It also tends to create a predictable routine which could be easily exploited by an enemy. But none of that was the reason I quit.
My reasons were simple and selfish. I found myself unable to breath as deeply or for as long as i should have been able to, while doing my Qi gong. In many movements my breath would burn out at the 50% point. This affected my Qi cultivation, which in turn affected my power, both magical and martial. A few days later I received my first attunement into a system of energy work. Out of habit, I actually lit up a smoke within a couple hours of the ceremony and flavor and texture of the smoke gagged me…big time. Over the next few weeks as my body began healing and purging energetic blocks, I really began to experience the change in performance. Make no mistake, power and control are directly proportional to your ability to breath properly.

On a side note, entertain doing some research on Wim Hof… He is in a league of his own as far as meditative self regulation goes. The ability to breath deeply, and of course properly, is the an absolute non-negotiable component of the Wim Hof Method.


That’s interesting because he told me to free myself of addiction a week ago, and my sourin started fucking up. I didn’t think much of it, and kept losing my juice in the weirdest places.

I just bought a new pod and it’s burning like a mf even after a whole ass day of juice marinating on the cotton. And each time I tried to hit it, I thought of Belial


I have quit smoking thanks to him. Not even tempted now.


Belial really is against any kind addictions but that isn´t restricted to cigarets only. It can also include porn addicttion, harmfull habits, alcohol depency etc… i know this from experience because I´ve been around people and I have some experience under my belt as well.


Thank you! I will try Champix. Yeah… That does look like a trend. He’s sending out a pretty clear message! :sweat_smile:

Yeah, exactly. Smoking is harmful. And tbh; I’ve actually been doing quite well considering that I just quit. I’m not feeling those uncontrollable cravings. They’re still there, but manageable.

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Thank you! That’s probably it. I do need a healthier life.

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Same! I don’t miss smoking either. It’s interesting, to say the least.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I will check up on him.

Same here. There’s an overwhelming peace within me and I know I can do this. I had a cigarette because I’ve only recently quit and I had 2 and some tobacco around the house, but I know that this is King Belial pushing me because after I had that cigarette; I didn’t get lightheaded like I normally do after I haven’t smoked in a while. I was fine. And also; as I was smoking it… I realized that I was only doing this because I didn’t have any nicotine in my system. What’s so profound about that is that I normally just smoke out of habit; without really thinking about it. I’ve never really stopped to think why I smoke. I was actually forced into smoking. I got told that if I wanted fresh air; or to go outside on breaks with the rest of the patients; I needed to smoke. So I started smoking. (Yeah. Don’t worry. I will be suing the hospital.) In short; my reasons for smoking are non existent. Any stress I may be going through; I can handle on my own. I don’t need a cigarette. I’m really educating myself because discipline without education is just will power. And I need to be disciplined in order to truly kick this habit.

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I see. I will be working with him more closely. If he is against addiction; then surely he is able to provide the keys to overcome it?

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Didn’t think people would reply to this thread. :see_no_evil: Haven’t checked BALG at all! Didn’t mean to reply late, everyone. :sweat_smile:

Also try to fall in love with a woman that doesn’t smoke. You would want to be as perfect as possible for her and that will make you stop with smoking as you would feel inferior compared to her when you actually want to feel equal if not above.

Honestly my only addiction now is perfecting myself and becoming a God.


Thank you, I will! Yes, perfecting the self and god consciousness is the end goal here.

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My e cigarette is giving me problems too. But this was more due to me putting the liquid back into the tank when it got into contact with water. Stupid mistake, I know. All though when I put in a new coil; it burned out too. It keeps giving me a burned taste. I don’t have any nicotine in my e liquid; so I don’t know how King Belial is expecting me to quit. (On second thought. I just answered that. Sheer discipline.) Vaping isn’t harmful to lungs, at least not that we know of- so shouldn’t ecigarettes be cool? Unless of course King Belial dislikes dependence on anything. Which… Judging from responses; is the case.

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