King Belial and my behaviour

i Believe that King Belial is changing and improving a lot my person and also turned me in the real anti-christ,not that i wasn’t all this savage before but now i feel the need even to express myself and sometimes agressive…specially when the i see religion on internet or people talking about it to me…
i said yesterday on my work,when someoen spoke about religion and karma and etc… and i said
i dont give a fuck about your book and the guy that impotent god that you believe,your god is on the cross and mine has a hammer,my religion?i dont have religion motherfucker,i do work like a warrior!
i could even fuck your big tits wife that is always looking to me,i could cum a liter in her face while you say NO NO,i dont give a fuck,i want to watch the world burn HAHAHAHA


hey hey i am not disrespectful at all,but i have to say,i am an animal now,very racional but much more savage than before,the behaviour is changing and the funny fact is that the intelect is improving,even giving emphase on the savage side…

well,atleast i feel free to express myself here,because i know that more people is interacting with him and can share more savage moments like this…


cheers! holds the beer,one for the king.


I concur!


i fucked a girl called natalie and during the act,i was able to see the king watching the whole thing because i was like,offering the act to him,and she was able to see him also,she had an holy trinity tattoo in her back and she is satanist,very sexy,soft tits and all…oh fuck,what a girl!
so yea,i tend to feel this things during the sex also…
the funny fact is that i fucked a girl called gleice and she had on her back the archangel michael tattoed,lol,was funny to fuck her looking at the tattoo lol


I’ve seen animalistic tendencies in myself after a few light possessions of Belial. Usually when I feel threatened things get cray cray – I was walking on the street and a drunk guy was getting in everyone’s face and yelling. As I approached him, I felt something rise within me, almost like an animal growling. I pictured snapping his head off, blood everywhere. As I got closer to him, he just quietly backed away. Weird!


As someone who is currently in a pact with Belial, I can confirm the jist of all the comments here including the OP - Belial will make you more aggressive, and overall manly.