King Balaam (Energy and abilities)

This is an entry for King Balaam and for those who may consider working with him. In my periodic work with Balaam, I have noticed many subtle changes. His energy seems to induce a shivering effect like anxiety/adrenaline. He typically appears as a black silhouette, partially transparent. More fully, he appeared as a hooded monk figure with the face partially veiled and fiery eyes. He is rather quiet. However, his voice is noticeably heavy but smooth like a monk would speak.

The wittiness aspect is absolutely true. His energy strangely increases focus and grounding when in conversation, allowing you to just have all the right things to say and making others warm up to you faster or find pleasure in your company. The aura also makes people more accepting of your gestures of any kind: Jokes, greets, compliments, even seduction, etc.

His magic works in the “covert” kind of way. His effects will be seen in your changes of character and behavior rather than fully visible and active. I’ve noticed my acquired liking to finer things of jewelry and clothing. He enables strong (intuitive) detection of when a person is bullshitting or speaking truth and does reveal those committing suspect behavior. Skill in tactful communication is heightened.

The wittiness carries over into learning new academic subjects to become effective at them faster. I’ve had assistance in my Italian classes and increased focus during stock trading sessions. He seems to inspire uplifting emotions through things like music or inspiring messages. The motivational preaching energy. Public speaking is a strength he can aid in. Increased money flow can also be created through him.

Bestowed confidence comes with a strong stoicism in times of fear/anxiety that holds you rock steady during confrontation. The energy induces is a sense of pride in your own standing, like a martyr speaking to his crowd. In more dangerous situations, his energy induces strong anxiety/adrenaline that straight up forces you into action. The stoicism can aid strategic intellect.

His divination method is largely intuition but can deal strongly in Astral projection and dreams. He can also be called to sabotage a person by inducing dysfunction, confusion, emotional instability, delusions, distrust among allies, and betrayal. He can also remove your footprint or detection from committed acts of magick and covert activities.

An invaluable ally to have for collecting information on people/things, increasing charisma, tactful networking, guarding against sabotage and deceit, and learning valuable skills which can turn profit. This king is a strong guardian with many legions under his eye. An enigmatic figure, but one whose vision penetrates the darkest secrets of the affairs of men. For those who consider reaching out to him, do not hesitate.