King Baels Gifts

well guys im just here to give you all a quick update as to what ive been up to. today i was in my basement and at first i didnt want to call bael because the only reason i had come down was to astral project in the chair (well atleast attempt).now long story short i went through all the steps for an astral experience relaxed myself and all that and all of a sudden bael popped into my head and i then decided to call him so i used alittle of the evocation principles and ended it off by repeating bael come over and over. after a few seconds my mind got black like really black and then i heard his voice which was my voice but different . i cant remember much of the conversation but here it goes
bael make me a demonic king a king of kings a king among demons give me majesty above that of the gods majesty they will envy

you may have all that you seek in time i can bestow you with majesty and can make you a king of kings all men through me transform

bael i hear you give man invincibility and invisibility may you bestow me with these gifts ?

you are correct these are the gifts i bestow invisibility as in not being abled to be spotted by enemy conciousness being able to hide in large crowds unable to be found invincibility as being more resistant to pain evoke me fully and you gain more mastery over these abilities

i felt a tingle go through my body and his laughter gave the image of lighting and thunder sourounded by black clouds in my inner eye

when evoke king bael will you be interested in pact ?

at this point i can barely remember what he said but it was along the lines of i was always interested which was wierd to me

and after that i dismissed him


Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing that, I LOVE Ba’el, he’s just amazing… look forward to hearing if you work with him more in future! :slight_smile:


A big congrats!!!

Bael is awesome,in my experience.He hasn’t let me down,and I’ve loved working with him.And I followed along with Lady Eva’s advice and honored him most recently when ISIS blew up the temple in Palmyra.

If you want to hear more about my experiences with Bael and such,just say so.Otherwise,watch this video of EA Koetting evoking Bael:

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thankyou i will keep you posted :wink:

Tell mee lol ill watch it later though right now im trying to understand why belial and him would help me make my power greater than theres as a god a demon king/

I first contacted Bael on an October night,in an evocation of Paimon,Belial,and Azazel.All three materialized swiftly and I called out to Bael,introduced myself and shook his hand.That evocation was a very intense one and would rather not speak much of it.

Bael has helped me through some hardships,and I’ve even had him displayed as the Spirit of the Week a while back.That was fun.Bael has protected me from the ire of authority figures,sometimes better than Belial.Bael has protected me from being mocked,or at least,being hurt by it.

Bael has made me a better and more resistant person,and I invoke him on a very frequent basis.Bael is polite and good to me.


that is awesome :slight_smile: now ive been really meaning to ask who should my pathworking consist of any suggestions ? i think you are famaliar with my ascension goal

Yeah.WHatever spirits you’re close with are spirits you should work with.If you’re stepping into the world of demons,though,maybe something like this…

1.Martal(from WoD and KoF):He is known as an initiator into magical secrets.I can’t remember if he’s even a demon,but his initiation and blessing is well worth getting at the start.

2.King Belial:Obviously,you have ties to this one.Master this Earth before aiming for the Heavens,and Belial is well known for that,as are some of the others below.Learning from Belial has a LOT of benefits,because he’ll teach you to arrange circumstances,and stuff,so he’s a great starter spirit…if you pass his test(which I thankfully never took :P)

3.King Paimon:King Paimon is a valuable entity in mastering this world,because whereas Belial controlls circumstances,Paimon does so with people.He also has priceless knowledge on how his power may be reproduced and stuff,not things you want to miss.

4.Lucifer:a very all-purpose spirit,and one that I highly recommend.I’m sad that I only started working with Lucifer when I was older and more experienced,because he is another spirit that will bring the world to your feet.And he is also a demon of ascent,as that is a thing he specializes in.

5.King Bael:Now that Martal has given you the keys,the Kings have given you power over your life,and others in it,and happiness,and Lucifer has pointed you to the door,the spirit that you have promised to make a pact with,will come.Bael will show you how to fortify yourself,and make the successes you’ve had last.He may also request that you do the Kasdeya rite,which is not a thing to be taken lightly and may help,in remolding your life.

6.King Asmoday:I have refrained from including this one earlier simply because sex,and love,two very different things,are both very spiritual thing.Once you have begun walking the path of ascent fully,and taken control over your life,using sexualized magic,the animal within,psychic vampriism,and anything else Asmoday offers is easy.Right?

7.King Vine:Vine is another demon of ascent.He can clear blockages from your life,and is a good friend.He’ll be there to help you eliminate whatever is blocking your ascent,so have fun!

8.Aosoth:Now that you’ve cleared blockages and mastered sex and love,you may choose Aosoth,a demon of passion who is an expert in both of those things!Revolutionize everything about your ascent with Aosoth and when you’re done,you’re a new magician.Not a famous demon,but he helped EA a lot,and is a well known entity in the pantheon.

9.Azazel:You’ve expressed serious interest in this spirit,and now that all blockages have been cleared,you’ve mastered the deepest mechanics of yourself,and the grandest mechanics of your world,the small little piece of the magnum opus of existence,then you may be ready to lift the veil,and receive Azazel’s forbidden tutelage,in its fullest and most intense degree.

10.Adramelech:Adramelech is very much a demon of application,and he may show you how to apply all these lessons into your world.At this point,you probably have a somewhat good life,and you’ve spent a lot of time in the stars.Come back to this world,and immotalize it.Adramelech will help you in that.

11.King Purson:Purson helps you know the future and remember the past,as well as all hidden things.Working with him will let you pierce through the veil,as you have done before,remember all you have forgotten in the past,and clear blockages from your future.

12.Beelzebub:The Lord of the Flies has much to offer,and is very much an all-purpose entity.I gave you Lucifer,another all-purpose entity when you got your life under control.I gave you Azazel,another all-purpose entity,when all blockages have been cleared.Now that you’re back in that ‘‘no blockages’’ state,it’s time to embrace Beelzebub’s teachings.

13.Astaroth:and once again,all you’ve learned must be grounded.Magic learned up high must be brought back to this Earth and this world.Charisma and stuff is good to get from Astaroth.He may teach you the properties of the serpent,but all that is the little stuff.As the ruler of Ga’agsheblah,he may devour all the negative things in your life and make them positive,give you the powers of others,etc.

14.Beelzebub,Astaroth,Lucifer,and Azazel:All of these spirits have helped you massively,now it’s time to unite them under one goal,of your hoosing.
15.Paimon,Belial,Bael and any other demon of your choosing:These demons are here to help you bring this world into full fruition.

16.All nine of the demonic kings:Self-explanatory

17.Demogorgon:A pretty scary dude


19.Lucifuge,maybe?If you’re THAT serious.


@Arcane best work​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thanks for it

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I’ve called him several times and he never came, I do not think he was interested in me.

How did you verify his presence, or lack thereof?

@Arcane Things went the same way from the beginning to the end of the ritual, there was no change, no related to the energy or the environment that I was.