King Bael

I asked Bael to give me more users to my app . He is a demon of invisibility and hiding things but I was told demons usually can do the opposite of what they do . Since I asked him when I tweet about my app on twitter I don’t get the same stats as before . For example before I asked I would get 200 views in some mins but not I get about 30 views in some hours . What is happening ?

Looks like he’s doing what he does, invisibility.


Whoever told you that is wrong. Demons will do what they’re supposed to do (with proper respect, of course). Sounds to me like Bael hid your tweets.


But I asked to make it more visible

Ok so … Who can make it pop out ? I already asked Orobas

Can I tell him to stop his efforts ?

Give him another offering and thank him for his help and kindness and ask him to stop.


Don’t listen to anyone here. Just let it play out for a while to see if it doesn’t change.

Well, the point is to see if your hunch actually works.

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I already asked him to stop

I asked him to stop and I sent out some tweets and everything seems to be back to normal