King Baal did not show

I was evoking King Baal to hide a area from unwanted people. I have developed a sense for spirits and he just didn’t come after I verbally called him. I’ve been doing multiple evocations in the past week and felt a spirit come nearly every time. I’m not trying to say if I call he has to show every time. I called and nothing. I am curious on why he didn’t at least make himself know.

Try again. Three days in a row. Seven days in a row. See what happens

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How did you try to evoke?

A candle and a sigil. I do a normal evocation not a full physical one. Nothing special.

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Must Balance first darkness and Light. King Baal is Masculine Divine there’s rules you must first follow. If he doesn’t come its because it wasn’t special you must show him you want it.

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I’ll have to give this a try.

I will tell you Properly how. Get naked and wash Reciting in the mirror your Cleansed by Gaia,The spirit of water washes you clean. Left hand side first. Rinse mouth three times and cleanse each nostril three times look at how Wudu is performed in Islam to get and idea. Yet left hand first as I said. Left first always. Then standing Dripping say the angel of air embraces me so that all may know I am cleansed for this Journey to give before a King means to literally give. Make offering research and go with intituition. Fast and meditate for 7 days to prepare the temple. Erect an alter clean the space of all that is unclean. Then do your Evocation


A lot of detail into this. This is going to be tough. But it makes sense why a king would have me prepare properly. Belial is doing the same thing with me. He’s slowly helping me build my spiritual sense until I do a grand physical evocation of him. Thanks for the tip. I should have known better than to just call a king.

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Be very careful of religious dogma - none of that rigmarole is necessary.

Mages all over this forum manifest contact and I’m not aware any used those techniques, because this is a forum populated with Western occultists, and the above is not from Western occultism.

There’s a name for a lot of the fluff that comes with older books and religions: “blinds”. Blinds exists to prevent people doing the work, to protect it by making it so hard you cant get the weird supplies or miss the deadlines. It’s mostly shite. You only need yourself, a quiet space to get your head in trance state, and confidence.

In this case, it sounds like you only called once and seconds later gave up. It happens a lot that it can take a few minutes for the entity to hear you and come. You are continuing to fall into deeper trance as you call and that helps. Some people chant for half an hour or more before they feel the presence to the extent that they want.

I’ve had a few where I changed tack and met them in the crossroads or invoked instead as it was easier and taking too long for a full evocation, and it turned out this was what they wanted - different techniques make different activities easier. E.g. in the crossroads it’s easier to follow them somewhere in the astral, invoked, it’s easier to learn by energy drop.

You probably just needed to build more energy and have patience. Repeat what’s worked for you before, when he comes, ask Bael himself if he even heard you and what you can do to get through faster in future.


Hotep @Mulberry This is how I learned, though in truth it’s not necessary. Yet cleansing rituals and mental preparation can only benefit the practitioner. I’m a Practitioner of Native Shamanism and Egyptian Gnosis. As well I’m Rex Deus, as such I take offense to calling it “fluff” to prepare the temple before giving before a king. I still got mad love and respect for everything else you say. :joy:
Establishing one’s own Ritualistic cleansing practises is in essence where I was going.

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I’ll be more aware. And while in a evocation I close my eyes and meet the spirit in astral. Does this count as a invocation? Here is how I did it. I meditated for 20 minuets before the evocation. Once ready I drew the sigil and lit a candle. I gazed at the sigil while playing a enn meditation. After about 10 minutes I stand up hold my hand up and call on the spirit. Usually I feel the spirit immediately. In this case I did not. So I sat back down and closed my eyes and started to try and feel the area out. Again nothing. I kept going for another 5-10 minuets (couldn’t really make out how much time was passing). After this I closed the ritual and went on with my day. I try not to make rituals too quick too. I will also dedicate an hour of time out of my day for the spirit. Thai time I didn’t because I didn’t have time, so I just went straight into the ritual.

Minor note, check your details when you do things, you had his name spelled with lowercase when Baal literally means Lord, so it’s reasonable to infer he likes titles and correctness. :thinking:

I edited both for you, since your edit window is closed.

Also, I am uncertain whether there is a “Baal” who’s not the Bael I am familiar with, but if you’re okay with Bael, try the sigil in this, I’ve had multiple reports that it opens very quickly for people:

Oops. Also I’d like to ask if its a waste of his ability to ask him to hide an area? He seems like he is much more than that from what other people have said.

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No, not really, depends on the reason I guess but he’s usually into expressing his power, like any sentient being.

You can also use wards (which won’t conflict with asking for help), tutorial here. But yes, the Bael I work with is into much more than that.

If you’re hiding something from policve or forces of authority & law, Belial may help, and there’s a sigil in Jason Millers book Financial Sorcery to hide profits from the law.

No it’s a spot in the woods I’m going to use for a evocation of belial. The only problem is that it can be stumbled on by a drunk or some people who are exploring. Thanks for the help👍

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He’d definitely be into helping obscure a spot where you’re pursuing magick, in fact helping other sorcerors hide their stuff (before this brief modern period, where magick is not punishable by death) was probably how he got that attribute added by the grimoire authors. :+1:

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Take a 4-pack with you, chuck it at any drunks and ask them to piss off, you’re meditating, and for normies, this is my super sekret hiding-in-plain-sight infos. :wink:

For women, wear business clothes and a very clean fluoro waistcoat along with the clipboard and chatting (which shows someone else knows you’re there), and look like an annoyed office worker outside her comfort zone checking on some work.

One can often become invisible by inviting contemptuous judgement, rather than critical questioning, and archetypes are great for that (manual labourer, office princess brought out into the field and annoyed about it, etc). When people think they know what you are, and that knowledge strokes their own ego, they usually won’t bother wondering why you’re doing something.

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