King Azazel

Last night I evoked King Azazel. I am confident to say that I have made great progress when it comes to evocation; I felt His presence and one of the things that truly amazed me was the fact that I felt Him grab my neck and lick my face. Before this happened though, I was chanting His end and my head involuntarily fell back(head face up north). And that same night, when I looked in the mirror, I saw a hickey like spot (wasn’t actually a hickey-it was black in colour) on my neck. I was shocked tbh, I also felt the pressure on my chest and im not quite sure how to explain that feeling, but anyway just thought of sharing this with you all :alien:


That… was kinda disgusting.

Personally, I would not consider that appropriate behaviour, and I would immediately reinforce my boundaries and tell this entity (doesn’t matter how high a pedestal you put it on) what is acceptable and what you expect.

Azazel is the one of the last entities you want to fail the doormat test on. Stand up for yourself. Firmly but politely, but stand in your power.


I just thought it was hilarious lol :rofl:

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okay sure, thank you for the advise :))

Hey @Mulberry I swear this is in no attempt or have any connection to our last messages but I only wanted to point out an entity such as azazel would in fact use many forms of communication like shape-shifting their form as a underlying message or point marker in conversation for memory and contemplation afterwards…they are more powerful psychicly and experience everything outside.of time therefor potentially calculating the Mila or.micr oseconds to inflict the exact desired outcome . And I would assume especially if invocation had ever been shared prior or during he would.understand her boundaries and reception of information better than she would conciously…the experience was her own and exactly what it needed to be at this point in her journey.
Regarding your post I would suggest look inward and maybe correlate would respond in the way you mentioned she “should” have done.or acted.
Which again
Feels like projection of an internal conflict.
Whatever it is that is your journey to deal with hers was hers
Is what it is homie.
This was no attack or desire for debate with you. As I.know your an adept tenacious intelligent contributor.
And my intention was to benefit all parties here.
That said thanks for reading whoever has.
Darkest blessings @Mulberry .
Rep the.left hand path

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No joke…I think.i was possessed when writing that post…suddenly I was just in the middle of a 3/4 written post and couldn’t stop…wtf just happened

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Still I believe the message truth . And you should not be deterred from no opinion other than your own.
As human as we can’t help being sometimes… @blaxkrose. Keep doing what your doing. Imagination is the practionors paintbrush and reality.our canvas.
Whoa can I make that like a quote? Or do I need to be important first? And someone quote me?
How do I own a sentence?
I wanna own that sentence.
Good luck keep coming back to the forum. This placed shaped who I am becoming

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hahah thank you for taking your time and typing those and im sure u can own that sentence without having to actually be someone famous… I will just keep doing me anyway <3

No I don’t think that would be appropriate. It’s not up to me to tell people what to do, all I do I give my two cents based on my personal experience and understanding.

The OP “should” do whatever they want to do. What I’m pointing out, is that managing the relationship is important as I know Azazel very well, and I’m aware of his fetish for humans,.

The real question is whether the operator gets what they want from the relationship. I think it’s worth being careful about being too much of a pushover, and not taking care of boundaries. That’s a recipe for being taken advantage of in any relationship.

I’m sorry I don’t actually remember if we spoke before or what was said, so none taken.

I’m not very personal you know, and I don’t want people to be personal with me…

I respond to posts based on the content and very rarely bring in context from other posts.

I don’t feel attacked, I think you’re allowed to project your personal issues on to me as much as you like to judge that I’m projecting above.

I’m just as welcome to ignore you or respond. I do however think, this is verring towards derailing the thread in a way unhelpful to the OP.

If you’re reacting emotionally to the word “disgusting”, then I’m not really sure if you’re white-knighting the OP, which is something I find highly disrespectful towards them. The OP is an adult and a mage, and perfectly capable to telling me what they think for themselves, and you shouldn’t assume otherwise. This sends energy towards them that you think they are weak and in need to protection, which is active magick to weaken them that I think they should reject. White knighting is meant well, but for a mage is ultimately disempowering and less than ideal if you think you care about the recipient.

As I said, I speak from experience, with what I believe is nothing more than common sense.
You wouldn’t expect a new acquaintance to walk up and lick you, so why would you accept that from entity, assuming we’re certain it IS Azazel, which tbh, we’re not?

Boundaries, knowing what they are and enforcing them is very important, it’s been discussed on this first many times exactly why, in all relationships including the discarnate.

I’m not religious so it’s I’ll do, it’s to @blaxkrose what they want to do with that.


Is Azazel a king or a prince?

He’s a king just not of the infernal, but more of a king in regards to the various jinn realms. He’s often called king of the seirim.


I see

Well said! . I’m glad you replied thanks @Mulberry .and it was a simple Journal correction I just didn’t want it to I was resentful for being corrected or anything.
I forget occasionally how awesome people can be and how much we can learn another here.
Thank’s brother @Mulberry.

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Why lots of you try to connect with some thoughtforms? Azazel is freedom and liberation He never said he is a king :flushed:

Always remember that a spirit who says about himself that is the greatest, the most important, a king or whatever is an imposter

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Uh, I’m pretty sure that the spirit didn’t outright say he was a king when the individual evoked him. I’m pretty confident that the initial poster calls him a king due to the myths, grimoires, and personal gnosis that a lot of practitioners tend to make regarding him and his position within the infernal hierarchy.


Also, while what the original poster experienced may be viewed as disrespectful to us, it may not be viewed as such to the entity because they do have different morals and outlooks in comparison to us.

Another thing to add is if the entity was truly Azazel, he wouldn’t have done what he did if it did overstep the personal boundaries of the person who evoked him.


Larping go brrrrrrr.

You need to put Azazel (if it really him) in his place. Unless you’re specifically calling him for sex he shouldn’t be feeling you up…

Serious? He has a fetish? Or are you saying that to make a point (which I do agree with), but not meant legitimately?

What else would you call interspecies relations like this?

But if you read the posts about him here, you have people carrying this on to extremes. We’ve had users that claim him as their ‘dom’, as husband, as lover, both male and female… it never stops. And he offered to me but I consistently look down on this behaviour. We just has someone this week who n first meet, if it was him, he walked up and sexually assaulted them by looking them of all things.
Dude’s a ridiculous horndog, I’m kind of embarrassed at his lack of discretion to be honest and he’s not even the worst.


Well then he’s not the only one with a slight case of fetishism by that standard.

I wouldn’t call it “slight”, and that doesn’t make it any better, it’s basically a kind of bestiality.
Why people put up with that I don’t know. He’s a whore that’ll fuck anything that moves- or, he allowed himself to be treated that way, because “uwu muh demon dick”.
I can only assume people just don’t respect themselves. :woman_shrugging: