King Asmodeus really came through for me

So about a week ago I called to Asmodeus for help with a tough situation. One of my best friends revealed to me that she was in a toxic and abusive relationship and I was so desperate for her to get out. She still had feelings for her abuser at the time and so I knew it wouldn’t be simple for her to just leave… enter Asmodeus.

I had given him offerings before just because I have always sort of felt him in my life and I adore him, but this was the first time I went directly to him for help. I grabbed his sigil and meditated long and hard. I asked for his help and in return I would give him a full ritual of thanks in addition to public praise. Needless to say he delivered. My friend was able to leave the relationship in no time and without incident. She told me that it was strange that her ex went into this sort of catatonic state and just let her go peacefully. She is still struggling with the trauma of the abuse that took place but she is out and safe and has no love left for her ex.

Thank you King Asmodeus for all that you have done for me. I am so happy to have you in my life and I love you from the depths of my heart.

Hail Asmodeus now and forevermore!


That’s awesome!! Thank you for sharing! :hibiscus:


Couldn’t agree more. He’s awesome!
I have so much love for him. :heartpulse:


I work closely with him for a damn good reason! I’m glad your situation got resolved. :slightly_smiling_face: