King Amaymon

I have been working very closely with King Amaymon and this is what I perceive through him and throughout my journey with King Amaymon.

King Amaymon is a great teacher. Mostly specialized in baneful, qliphoth and dark magick. It is not the magician who chooses to work with him, but it is the other way around. It is Amaymon who chooses who should work with him. He is very strict at the beginning and does not take shit from anyone .If you ask me, it is very complex to know him deeply. He does not let his identity out that fast. Usually he show’s in a goat head wearing a black cloak, black smoke or a black sun. Usually a person who works with amaymon goes through a period of 3 to 6 months of trial. Depending on the magician’s path. After completing the trail, you are a totally a changed person. The way you view life will be different.(I don’t wish to spill the bean). After earning the respect of King Amaymon, it will be extremely easy to work with any other demons. He is indeed a very important King in qliphotic works as well. No matter which realm one travels into, King Amaymon will be there. He can walk you through the entire qliphotic system. If you are planning to work with various demons, he is the one you can go to. Each demon or demoness will respect you if you have earned King Amaymon’s respect. Usually you will have more interest in baneful, wealth and dark magick. One must be cautious as Amaymon is extremely wicked. He gives no room for good. If a person has a lot of sympathy and a low-will, I don’t encourage working with him. I have found it very easy to call upon goetia spirit’s with the aid of King Amaymon. If you are working baneful, then I recommend calling upon Nergal since they both get along well in giving out death curses. President Gaap is important as well as he teaches to consecrate Amaymon’s items and guides you throughout any rites done with King Amaymon. He is a night demon, so don’t evoke or invoke him in daylight. He usually speaks through our intuition depending on the magician’s ability. King Amaymon does bestow gifts and he does give personal chants to call him. He also grants his legion to work on the magician’s behalf. Once you have called him into your life, do not resist as he will open your path in ascension. I did resist and wasted my time before getting back on track.

SIDENOTE- Before calling King Amaymon for baneful, make sure to have a good union with the darkness.

King Amaymon - Being wicked has a responsibility to be carried

I will be updating more about King Amaymon. I need to go through my journal. Was actually rushing today. This is my personal opinion about King Amaymon. Do give some insights and your knowledge. Have a Wicked day


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It’s a shame that he doesn’t like people with sympathy, as you mentioned in your post.

What if someone is both sympathetic and insensitive at the same time? :rofl:


That’s a very good question. I will ask him and update you soon :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I look forward to the update. :slight_smile: I’d love to befriend some more demons and/or work with more of them

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King Amaymon - I do accept insensitive people. But what gives sympathy, needs a value to it. Giving sympathy to things which don’t serve you, is going to be a harsh way of me teaching. Insensitive is not a word. Cruelty is what defines me.

I tried my best to channel King Amaymon’s message. Almost slept :blush:.
Hope this answers your question.

This below was a message given by King Amaymon to me. Just wanted to share. Maybe could be useful for you.

What hinders within you is a benefit to another. What rises after I destroy what hinders you is a fear to another.



I will remember that

DEAR @Rudra218 I had to give a shout out and my thanks for confirming and moreover translating my experiences with Amaymon and fully connected that its time to recommit my workings as my experiences i thought at first had been mixed and now that perspective gave me conviction to do now what I fully understand…and can properly apply my potential with the powers of Darkess and infernal.Soverignty


Your welcome @Rory_Mclellan :ok_hand: :love_you_gesture: