Kinds of witches

Hey witches, today i will answer a very common question that i am asked often from a bunch of beginners of the craft, which is how many types of witches there are.
The answer is there are 3 types of witches
1.The original witches_ those who became witches without marking pacts to demons or being born as one, and yet gaining or channeling magic from some source like Hekate or from the nature itself
2. The contract witches_ who made a pact to the Devil or other demons for powers
3. The cradle witches_ who are born and recieved their magic from their blood line.
Pls don’t equate shamans taoists voodooists or neamads with witches, their soures of power and spells casting methods are not alike, although they do the same works in the magical fields


Paints a thin line on spiritual/magical craft. I’d say any of those apply to the others as well.

Innate ability
Pacted or granted/taught
Legacy blood

I could probably come up with single wording



legacy and innate are alike,mate
I’d like to say it like this
Bestow_ because the original witches serve the nature and Hecate, so that they are blessed with magic in return

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innate and legacy are not the same. Innate means you are a natural witch but its not within your family. Thus you built upon those innate gifts via whatever means.

a legacy witch may be born to a family full of it but may or may not carry on the gifts or use them.


i want born or contracted as one im not a typical one im more beast type i guess but ive always had an intrest in magic so i started with love spells and now im working with my spirits n casting other kinnda spells even making my own that work

I am legacy. Life would be very dull without it. Im the only one who practices in my entire family, however, though they all have gifts aplenty.

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This is just more posturing and labeling to me. I don’t care how or where, I care about building what I have and using it.


Your right and I even questioned my thesaurus if I should use that. No… I should have used uniquely SPONTANEOUS ability. It’s possible you just develope it. Which would be close to being gifted it by something rather than taught but that’s a pretty damn fine line.

Legacy (passed down)

Gift could be almost between pact/legacy. Eh… maybe it doesn’t matter.

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Well, spontaneous and innate , i think we should use the word “original” to show the uniqueness of these witches. Although they are innate and fated to become witches, they still have to draw their magic from sources such as Hecate, the moon, or nature because there is no magic without a source to fuel spells. Just like the pact witches do with the demons and the blood witches withdraw it from their very vein.
Don’t make mistakes,my dear. Witches are powerless without sources, just like life can not continue without vital components, which are air, Sun, etc…
It’s true, i saw many witches practice witchcraft without a source but on their own energy, which resulted in failure. And instead of realizing their mistakes, they started blaiming for the environment, the tools and even their belief.

Well there is also mental magic done thru force of will and great emotion that comes from within people and need not be wich for magic to flow
But that being said lot my family practice things like water wiching and my grandmother could stop flow blood with a bible verse curse warts and did a lot of folk magic even if they where Christians as for me I worship Hecate for most part and draw strength from that and work with both Beilial and Lucifer so really I see no distinction as to type we all drink from the well we all use what we can get things we want weather we win lose in a given working us unimportant

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Oh god! Pls
I did not say that witches are not only individuals that practice or do magical things, there are many, like shamans, taoists voodooists or psychics,meanads,…
Only their methods are different
I think probably u are no witch, because u work with various entities without sources
Witches only have a source to draw from but they can work with many others beings, just like in working, u can work with a bunch of companions, but u can have only one boss

Unsure what you mean by saying only have one boss I do believe in rule of dominance or submission you rule or be ruled
But wouldn’t you more say if you done work finished a personal inventory you might better know what is of you or not

Interesting post… the original witches IMO came about as a result of fallen angels breeding with humans. It is this that makes the ‘bloodline’ witches. Still any in existence ? difficult to say.


All of the above.

Everyone’s bloodline is one that is vaguely infused with magic, at the very least. At some point of history, all people were pagan, and some more religious than others, some more innately magical than others, but the innately human aspect of magic on this planet means that most anyone can tap into latent potential. Even then, bloodlines shift, too. Marriages, adoptions, initiations all bring new blood to an old foundation. Even then, one has to work…

All witches are going to have to do some research, and study. Magic, as a study of energy patterns and resonances, must be done through both a theoretical background and through mere observations. By assembling your abilities through your own intuition and observations, weighing what’s right and what isn’t, as well as having a solid framework, preferably personalized or built from the ground up, to unlock one’s full potential, and learn from as many spirits as possible, including nature itself. Which leads us to…

Spirits, which are a mainstay of most occult practices. Those who never come to any spirits, ceremonially or otherwise, tend to struggle advancing far. There’s no shame in asking for outside help, because all kinds of partnerships are needed in every avenue of life. Spirit working will usually be better than pure energy work, because other things can be stronger than you. Spirits naturally seek to expand their domains, so in having a common desire, they will naturally “vibe” with you. Even if no pacts are signed in blood and iron, an implicit connection will always be formed in such interactions.

The vast majority of magi are not in either of these three categories you describe, but will most definitely find themselves in all three, depending on how destiny and fate play with them.

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Oh dearie, the first witches of all were Adam and eve, who followed the Serpent ( the Devil) and tasted the Fruit of wisdom ( this is just a metaphor of the pact with demons to initiate into the Art). Thus the first of us were two Contract witches.
As the result, spawns of Adam and Eve were Blood witches ( their parents were witches) and they also had to serve the Devil because their magic came from him indirectly through their parents.
However, Adam and Eve or blood witches had no relationship with the Original witches, the word “original” here showed that these witches gained the gift of wisdom and magic via worshipping Hecate and served her freely, and in return,she blessed them. So that we can see, everything comes with a price, nobody gives anything to u without costs. This happens to everything in this universe like a pattern.
And yes, u can work with thousands of entities and learn from them but u can have only 1 source of magic to withdraw. Just like u can have hundreds of fairy godmothers but u can only be given birth by ur own mother.
Due to these equations and mistakes, many people made up things and distorted this ancient art into Wicca ( a religion). Could not u be more serious??? How could u witches let this happen?
So I think that we witches should gain our reputation again and return to this craft its real signature, then gather together and form covens,hives. And 1 more thing, stop calling the head witch of a coven " the high priest and priestess" but " the Shamhain witch" .

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Well, u could have more than one fairy godmothers but u only could be given birth by ur own mother. Thus, u can work and learn from hundreds of spirits but u could not do this or any magical stuff without a source of magic. And if you dont have this, then u r no witch but some kinds of magic practioners such as shaman, Taoist, voodooist, psychic, etc…
Don’t ever use the word " witch" immoderately. And yes, u was right, everyone in this universe has potential for magic,but just like a pupil, if they didn’t go to the nursery School to build up foundation ( the source of magic), they couldn’t get to further levels of education ( works with another entities for extra knowledge,etc). I’d say these people who don’t even know the origins of witches and the Price to become one are no witch at all.

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Interesting thread