Kindness and understanding?

Just curious anyone’s experience with "demons " showing kindness to you.
My experience: when I first called on Lucifer (basically prayed to him) he showed up intensely and fast. I asked for something and he agreed. In return I would leave his seal in different places that were crowded so who ever looked upon them would have it implanted in their mind. After about 2 weeks I realized I never put a time cap on this and told him I messed up and can’t realistically do this forever. His response was “I know.” I realized pretty quickly that details were VERY important but he was all too understanding with me being a beginner.
More recently I asked for help with a healing. I was going to offer up a drop of blood which I have never done. I tried over and over but my skin wouldn’t break. So I took my pendant with his seal and used it as a pendulum and asked if he wanted the blood in return . Answer was no. Asked what do you want? Answer was Jack Daniels lol. This is comical because I was going to leave this as an offering to him a few weeks back but decided I didn’t think that was his style and decided on Crown Royal.
Point being, have you ever had a spirit be ridiculously kind and generous to you and not want much in return?


Spirits in general can be kind, especially if you show kindness to them. Humor is also a common trait among demons.


I do show him kindness and respect- I try to do a weekly offering just to thank him and let him know I’m thinking of him. I guess maybe all the junk speak about him and others makes me expect the worst sometimes and I find it very odd that he is so kind.

Absolutely! President Marbas has been a complete sweetie to me - he is absolutely lovely, and he comes in the guise of my Beloved so I’m not freaked out. He’s mmmmmm, wonderful.


Agree 100%. This has been my experience with them.


Nearly everyone who worked with Marbas will say that he’s really kind. In my experience he’s also very agreeable when it comes to pacts and he has this “flare” to him.


A lot of people will talk smack about spirits in general, and sometimes they aren’t magicians. Several people have said that my matron Sekhmet is evil because she is a bloodthirsty war goddess. They don’t really analyze her gentler healing aspect as much. I think it’s a similar case with Lucifer - because of his Christian mythology, he’s automatically branded as the bad guy. Most people like to see things one way and don’t bother to hear the other side.


I agree alot of the misconceptions come from fear mongering Christian propaganda. From my understanding alot of spirits are kind but some are a little more prone to outbursts than others. Lucifer really surprised me - he was the first i felt a pull to and it was almost like he was waiting for me to come. It’s really hard to describe but after our encounter I felt a love for him I never felt with any other god before. Not a creepy thing just a true connection and devotion


When i did my first formal invocation to Lucifer I tried pricking myself and I couldn’t bleed either. The insense smoke blew in my face as if he was telling me no.

Later on he reminded me I get Keloids. Any scars or scrapes take a long time to heal. They don’t heal normally the skin puffs up.So he didn’t want me to have painful scabs on my fingers.

I just felt this warm feeling of love then from him too.

I love how he doesn’t ask for anything I wouldn’t be willing to give. I wanted to offer this up assuming he would be pleased and the odd thing is, I have no problem bleeding so there was definitely something stopping it from happening .
It’s a strange love - a complete love. Like I wish I could wrap my arms around him and just stay that way. I wish I hadn’t spend so many years being afraid but we all start somewhere!


I absolutely love President Marbas BUT accept that He is an entity and that He is quite simply “out of my league” so I guess he’s possibly made the lightening strike for me seeing a man who embodies many of the qualities that would effectively be a human version of Marbas.

Totally agree with you on that point.