Kinda cool incense experiance

About 3 nights ago i had such an interesting incense experiance.
On a part of my Altar, I had a Belial sigil taped up with duct tape so i would be right perfectly at eye level while I am sitting and chanting etc.
So, after i lit my sigilled candles, i lit 3 sticks of incense- 2 sticks had their streams go straight up, with one stream no going up at all but sharply cutting straight to the left, as i sat down i kept watching this stream as it cut left, wrapped around my black mirror, so out of curiosity I followed the stream and it wrapped around my mirror and then cut straighit down diagonal- and led me to where my sigil i had taped up had fallen and into frankly a pretty crammy area which took me abit to get to. I took it, taped it up real good and proper- and the stream then went straight up with its other companions. i really had not got the ritual to what i would call- ‘started’ officially hard core, but it appears Belial and or his company wanted to make sure everything was 'just the way we would want it to be.
i am getting to the point where, Yeah, material visualisation and a pole dance would be cool- but it is the little things which really put the groovy !!^^ in the whole process. Belial and company were just as present as one could really ask for in my opinion. Thanks Belial and Co. You are making things really enjoyable !!!

I love watching the incense go up in curious directions when I meditate , my right black candle on the altar, with sigils behind , goes hynoticly crazy , dancing furiously, I swapped positions with the left candle and it acted the same, dancing furiously and the previous candle burned normal again. In longer sessions both go crazy at the same time and shapes appear out of the incense.

Whats funny; tell family members who know you and may actually dig that you work with the powers you do- and if they have never had such an event they laugh and ‘of course dads crazy-yeah right’, can’t wait till someday they have their own “Crazy experiences”. Dancing candles- i can watch that all night— i actually was watching one another few nights ago and thought; “I should get up and do the same- just jam and move with the energy swirling around in the room”- i didn’t, and in the back of my mind the words never quit- “It wasn’t some wierd thought in your head dumb ass- it was an Invitation!” I was asking about ‘pre-ritual power-ups’ and there right in front of me was a perfectly Normal ‘Main Ritual Power-up’. Am I the only slow learner here?
Here is a kinda not really related event. Today I was going to the food bank; and saw a little turtle- all scared in the middle of the road
i hate seeing them get mashed, and when it is safe to pull over do stop and help them across. But this time I just was not in a safe place to do so- and thought as I drove by- “Hurry little guy-hope you make it”. On the way back I saw him on his back so I played suicide and stopped and went to him- i doubt he will live but at least he is outta that hideous road. As I drove off I thought; if i simply took the risk then- i would have felt better about things when i drove home. This is turtle season-man i have a shitload of thinking to do. I also dodge Wooleyworms. I thought us evil Demoniphiles held life in contempt and revelled in the suffering of others— appearantly that is just christian yellow journalism.