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So last night I went to bed early because recently I tried twice on summoning king paimon and nothing came out of it so I thought I should be patient and try again early today so I went to bed early and set a alarm for like 2:45 and I was gonna wake up early and mediate and try to summon him again at 3 am but I fell asleep when I woke up from my alarm right away and I had a dream that I was trying to summon him and I was awoke in the middle of being awake and being asleep and I felt a tingling line of electricity in my chest then I woke up is king paimon mad that was today I didn’t try again to summon him I am kinda new at this and if he is how would you recommend I make it up to him.

Ok he is very stern and strict you have to show him the up most respect and king paimon. By saying king paimon and bow he is a king even if you don’t feel like he is there he can hear you he hears all his calls just ask humble what you need and speak kindly that’s it

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No he’s not mad. Work on your sensitivity, it sounds like he came through fine, you just need to be able to receive the messages.

So I would be careful with this. Respect is a two way street, and you absolutely must not grovel. Show you respect yourself first. If you don’t, then he won’t respect you.
No you don’t need to bow, ever. If you choose to worhship, he’ll not be offended, but he doesn’t care. It’s not what he’s after. He wants your empowerment, no more, no less.
You are NOT less than him and he likes to see you stand your ground.

I say, never, ever give them weird titles like “King”. I never have and it’s not a problem. I thoroughly dislike the use of human hierarchical terms, I don’t use them, they are fiction made up by medieval people living in a strongly class-based culture that isn’t relevant today. The daimons don’t care about our petty pecking orders or the made-up titles we gave them.

If an entity gets weird with you for not groveling, immediately suspect impostor or parasite and banish, or refuse to work with them until they behave. If it’s not ok from another human, it’s not acceptable from anyone, incarnate or otherwise.


So when I try again how should I approach him and talk to him and will he forgive me I am still new to this.

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You’re a higher entity in your own right. Approach him as an equal, with dignity and strength.

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How would I ask to know he is there and listening or would he get angry for asking

Why would he get angry? Stop being a pussy. You’re not cold-calling selling him insurance, you’re answering the call to contact him to work on your empowerment. You’re in exactly the right place doing exactly the right thing at the right time. You’ve every right to be doing what you’re doing.

You don’t ask to know he’s there, he is already there, and you need to work on your skills and sensitivity to improve yourself to be able to sense it.

Any daily meditation will start developing your psychic abilities. Look up energy working, qigong, do chakra meditations, anything is good at this stage.


so by doing mediation and working on my empowerment will help me with my relationship with him and will help me reach my goal and eventually make a pact with him.

Absolutely. The value of meditating to get in touch with, learn control of and strengthen your energy system cannot be understated, it’s everything.

You’ll be fine :slight_smile: You’ve already stepped up and shown you’re not one of the sheeple just by trying. Paimon called you, and you answered… Now it’s a case of continuing the work.

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Here, stuff like this is posted at this forum now and then:

Try this before summoning :slight_smile:


This is a weird question but when you start working with them what kind of task do they ask you to do. I also wonder if king paimon know my request before I even asked him and made a pact with him.

He might be expecting you, yes. You ask the questions, they answer.
What do you mean by ‘task’?

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:joy::joy::joy: I’m dying. Thanks Maul!!! I’m learning a lot

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I watched a video and it was saying that some demons want u to do task for them like in the world like throw a shoe into water.

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I’ve learned to not have any expectations. However Im guessing the first time around i won’t hear anything but will feel energy which will be translated by my subconscious into messages… am I correct on this?

Who do u plan on working with?

Out of the numerous summonings you have with King Paimon, try some standing up.

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What do you mean by that? Do u mean during the summoning ritual I should be standing?

Do whatever is calling you.

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I always was told to bow to greet him so this is news to me lol :joy: