Killing with acupuncture

I was wondering if someone here already studied accupuncture ?
And if yes, do you know some points that could be used to kill.

I’m not talking about Dim Mak and orther martial arts myths. I’ve studied accupuncture a little, and I know it is quite impossible to provoke a stroke or something like that just by hitting a point on. Im talking about over stimulation of point with a needle or foncer during massage, as a doctor would do.
When i was a student, my professor taught me that errors can induce problem, even cardiac problem, circulative problems or digestive problems.
For what I want to accomplish this could be way easier than using a curse ( death curse tend to be escape or work during monthes or years and I need more immediate results)

Again, thanks for your suggestion

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Well, if you want to be held directly accountable for negligence in your practice and can be easily spotted go ahead, same as with introducing an embolism.

You reckon a small needle point won’t be spotted? Hit a blood vessel you’ll know, nice big bruise.

I have made accupuncture studies, but never finished them.
I have never been a professional or hold a medical place.
And something was clear during my studies, stimulation with fingers work as well as needles.
If the personn is found dead, there will probably be an autopsy to see if she was not poisoned or beaten.
But the investigators Will never seriously agreed with the possibily of "death induce by pressure points ". In the eyes of science and tribunals ami of this is mambo jambo.
And even autopsies cant réveil Chi movements and fu ctionnement .

I do not think you should do it, there would be your DNA on the person and you would be among the suspects, you could end up with a media problem much worse than the prison … and then it is not true that the curses usually take years if done well between three and six months we have satisfactory results …

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Dim mak isnt actually a myth, just very impractical during combat. Lots of control and throwing techniques utilize it at a higher level at least in (real) Taijiquan and Tang Lang Quan. Also every form of manipulation differs slightly in effect. Some points are forbidden to use with needles, but perfectly safe with fingers, some can only be used with moxa. Some points can only be activated with the needles, and a specific needling technique can majorly change the effect. Energy manipulation is essential beyond a very basic level.

You would be surprised what evidence can be found - look up the name Markov and the minuscule bullet that was almost missed. It came out of an umbrella gun and it was tiny and laced with ricin.

Also you need to remember every action leaves a trace.

Jesus died from Roman Acupuncuture.


There was a movie called kiss of the dragon where you get a Acupuncture needle and puncture the back of the neck with a acupuncture needle at a very forbidden point of the body. The puncture itself called kiss of the dragon traps all the bodies blood in the head and causes side effects of quadraplegia, bleeding from the heads orifices and a painful death via a brain aneurysm, if it is for real.

Meant to be either Yamen or an extra point not used in healing, almost certainly does not cause what you described, but a deep needle straight or slanted upwards would certainly be dangerous. Still impactical as hell in combat. Kung fu movies, while cool, are known for their hilarious inaccuracy


I was going to rattle off a good point and got a very strong warning not to, so I’ll explain that instead.

Part of why acupuncture is considered safe is that the techniques are naturally limiting so that very small amounts of energy stimulate the meridians in a controlled way. So, to do this would mean you have to channel a vast amount of qi through that needle/touch. It would feel to the person like getting a strong electric shock - touch the right point with the right intention and you could stop the heart the same way electric paddles do. And yes it would likely leave a mark. Takes decades of building your qi to develop it to that level.

However, there’s a reason there aren’t rogue qigong masters running around showing off, selling assassination services an the like. It’s not because there aren’t people that could if they wanted do, they don’t want to, and wouldn’t be allowed to learn it or stay around long if they harbored the kind of spirit that did. Harming with qigong is highly frowned upon in this culture, including on the spiritual plane. To have enough skill would get you noticed, and you’d open yourself to way worse that whatever this guy did to you if you misuse it.

Learn vampirism and drain remotely, then you won’t attract attention, vamping is a demonic/western thing they don’t care about.


Who are they?

Qigong masters. Both living and ascended.

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That is very solid advice, which speaks to the reasoning behind the historically long process of testing a potential students heart/motives and true colors prior to beginning serious training.
The old chop wood carry water phase of training if you will.
The process of carefully analysing the motives of potential students and being highly selective has been minimized here in the west in the name of a profitable business.

As far as how to do it, I recommend acupuncture needle glued to the end of a two-by-four, I’m pretty sure you’ll hit whatever pressure point you’re aiming for.

Although, with the fact that you’re going to leave massive amounts of DNA evidence all over your victim, you have a better chance of getting away with it using a 9 millimeter handgun.

For fucksake, why is everybody wanting to kill people using the most esoteric methods available? Get a knife, lose some weight, learn how to walk stealthily, find your victim as they walk into a club, take the wallet afterwards, there was a victims of a bad robbery. No demons needed, no conjurations required, no complex circles or mystical Arts needed to be learned.

Of course, this information is purely for hypothetical and speculative purposes only, I, as well as nobody else that has responded is in any way responsible for your actions should you choose to partake in them.

Vamping to the death is pretty uneasy.
When the victim grows to weak, you will start absorbing diseases. Vampirism is great to harm, but not to kill.
Plus the personn I intent to kill is a family member , using vampirisim will on an unconscious level, attract her attention on me.
This personn is a violent psychopath, i need protection against. Using this method could double her violence actions.

Needless to say, i would be the first suspect in case of classical murder.
I am the closest personn to her, and she is well know as a tormenter by people who know her, family and friends.there Will at least ten testimonies attestant that I am the personn who as the most interest.
Plus im known as priver security worker, and a martial art interested man who likes weapon.

In case of physical murder, no way i could not be investigated.

I have thought about curses.the problem is that with that kind of abusive people, particulary in the case of a mariage, you re mind tend to change. Half of the week im thinking on plan to liberate myself of all this domestic angel, verbal bullying and time consuming gestion of Her crisis, half of the time she come back to the stage of normal personn.
I know the méchanismism of curses , and I know this type of mind retractions make them fails, so i need something quick, and clean.

Some psychopaths I’ve found are parisitised. Which means killing the parasite helps neutralise them. This fits with my feeling that a psychopath isn’t capable of incarnation as a being as sophisticated as a human by itself. Sociopaths would be though, those are made not born. In doing some work on these types I have sent a daemon or been there to personally attack the astral form, and find that what was killed was the parasite not the human soul. It changed the persons personality and they stopped the worst of the toxic behavior. They’re not well still, and now have to deal with realising what they’ve done, and care.

In my sight, for the one i was there for, I decapitated the form only for the blood too pool and gather into what looked like a giant red leech. I split and burned that.

Yours might have a different situation, I’m just at the beginning of my investigations here. I think Its worth looking into as a route to fixing things faster.

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Can you please elaborate, if you agree.
From now, at long term, the only solution i see je me killing her, her killing me, or me comittinh à ritual suicide to set free.
Maybe there is an alternative solution.

Some sorta nail-and-needle monster once tried to mess with me, so maybe look for the feral version of the base pattern?

Well there are various things you could do, meditations in which you cut the cords that tie you to this person and meditations to make you stronger mentally, a hoodoo style curse with things inside that rot and then left on the grave of a relative you know can protect you , call a spirit that can help you to circulate it es. King Paimon and then another who can send him something to make her die? … the solutions are different depends on how you work and according to which line … continue to despair will certainly not help you …