Killing their own parents - theoretical

The greatest sin a black magickian can commit is to kill his own parents. This topic is not merely theoretical, but has taken place with many black magicians throughout history, if not by the masses. I’m not talking about human sacrifice, but a kind of accident that often hits the black magickian unexpectedly. Many later hide this secret about themselves and are unable to process on their own. “Why this could have happened to me?”. During the shocking event, black magickians usually realize that there is in fact a sin they would never commit on their own, even if they have felt at the beginning that they are the fearless representatives of darkness and power.

The essential element of the course of this phenomenon is when the novice black magickian is self-confident, not conscious enough, not calm enough, and intoxicated with power and darkness, losing control over himself. When this happens, suddenly all of the emotional tensions that have been stored in connection with his parents throughout his life can break out and the novice black magickian can finish with them.

The traumatic event is usually accompanied by a kind of sacrificial role, blaming others. On the other hand, it can be an excellent lesson for the wiser to develop a greater sense of responsibility and slow down during his black magick. As a master experiencing or seeing something like this, it is his duty to warn future disciples or known black magickians, acquaintances that they should never commit such a sin.

Many, in secret, associated with a sense of shame, are reluctant to process their own experience and do not know from whom to seek help. Some people go to a psychologist and lie about a car accident to get outside support for the mourning. But whoever misses out on such opportunities should also do some kind of mourning work, otherwise untreated mourning can energetically ruin a person and, in the worst case, the person can turn to narcotics (e.g., heroin).


Just eat healthy, exercise, and wait. The problem will solve itself with time, if you can survive long enough.

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Good article .

@E.A Have you seen this phenomenon with newer generations? Do you think this topic needs more attention?