Killing soulmate or twin flame

soul mate and twin flame arent the same thing.

Soulmates are people you’ve formed bonds with your lives, family, friends, ‘enemies’, and so forth.

Twin flame if you’re going to go by the greek idea of it is a literal other half of you, or if you go by the new age idea is someone who you’ve experienced many lives with in many different forms, parents, siblings, lovers, etc, ooor if you want to go by the desperate boy/girl idea then it’s some boy or girl who just has to be with you, and they have no choice and will realize it soon enough…as you can see the latter is horse shit.

Either way they’re not so much a requirement…more of something that either happens or doesnt happen.

ya, that idea of being half. just don’t make sense to my common sense. I see everyone born as a complete being already. Maybe some not all there but they are fully complete being. lol

The concept of soul fragments is basically a soul fragments and the fragment becomes it’s own whole or it continues to fragment and each fragment becomes their own whole and the original no longer exists. The concept has legitimacy, it can apply to twin flames in the sense if you believe one can have many twin flames and it becomes a soul group/family. However, now it’s purely based on some delusional idea of love.

I personally don’t see the point, even if you are toxic together sometimes it is just better to separate.

I know I’ve met one of my Karmic soulmates, we bring out the good in each other and then it starts to crash really fast.

It is better if we stay away but have a hard doing so.

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To clarify, I dont think twin flames aren’t the “other half” of a person’s soul. It’s all about harmonic and complimentary energies. Cookies go great with milk, but milk isn’t the “other half” of cookies if you catch my drift. I personally dont like twin flame ideology; I view it as codependency. If I meet someone who actually is a twin flame of me they probably won’t be happy I’m their twin; one of the reason I dont have one.