Killing soulmate or twin flame

Are there consequences If one these individuals is diseased By your magic.

If you believe in that than yes.
Law of Attraction

Do you have experience?

Why tf would you kill them , they incarnate with you over multiple life times , ur basically gonna lose someone you resonate with over multiple incarnations


Because they can distract you and cause you more trouble than good.

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No because soulmates and twin flames in the modern sense is pure bullshit. Modern twin flames and soul mates are just a bunch of lonely heterosexual people who are picking to see it only as “where’s my bf/gf” but even an enemy or sibling or cousin can be classified as your twin flame or soulmate. There’s no universal law saying your bound to them either. There’s many of them anyway.


I don’t believe these are a real thing. So no, there’s no consequences when there’s nothing to kill.

Whether the person you have in mind has energetic connections to you or protections that could flashback, reflect or counterattack if you attack them is a different issue.
Depends what you mean by ‘diseased’ as well.

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there’s no reason to kill them. Just cut the cord. Most likely they are there to challenge you for soul growth. If you don’t want involvement with them. Just don’t be in their life. Very simple. Most of them run away from each other anyways. Just do what you want. If it comes back to bite you , most likely not. Then just accept it. whatever happens for my curse, i accept as it’s part of cursing. I do have safety protection words in my spells for self and immediate family just in case. I curse my soulmate , that cuz she deserve it for doing wrong/broke promises. i’m ok with any harm going her way cuz she said she was comfortable with doing me wrong. =o) Are you ok with harm going their way?

It’s ok to kill them @John_Wick IT just means, i don’t have time for you this lifetime. let’s deal with it next lifetime. lol cuz you know that will happen. they will show up next lifetime due to unfinished business.

Nah lol , you won’t incarnate with them anymore and you’ll have shitty karma , but I guess it’s a false belief here , so I won’t spew my ideas


u suppose to live in the present. if next life sucks then it’s meant to be so one learn soul lesson. It’s a surprise. let the surprise come. haha. it’s no fun if you predict boring no drama no challenging life is your next life. besides, karma’s not proven so why worry about it. It’s those worrying about future that don’t live their life. life pass them by. they dont’ see the opportunity in the present. lol too busy worrying about future that time flies by.


If you subscribe to multiverse theory there’s an infinite amount of realities and twin flame combinations.

Just move into the relationships you desire, learn and grow.

If you want to kill one after you probably went through a lot, sucess is the best revenge though. :100:


Just like sasuke chidori through Kirin

Yeah but it’s transmuted, hydrogen and oxygen don’t give equal back they change and transform.

It’s not just apples to apples.

You def can do that, but that’s so basic and not what magick is about.

Magick is literally about turning apples into apple trees or trading apples for the kingdom :+1:

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If you believe the twin flame “myth” not sure that is the right word. Anyway, they are your other half and are supposed to come together with you for some greater purpose. It can be a runner and chaser kind of thing but to want to kill them that would mean according to this they aren’t the one.

So killing this “soulmate” which would be in the human term @Velenos mention would not do anything to you. Unless you believe it will and it will be your own undoing caused by you.

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Murdering with magick can often times go without consequences unless they had protection, if they don’t you would hardly face it.


Reincarnation is many things random, choice, forced, and many other things depending on the individual, just as one believes their actions in their life forges their life in the next.

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This wandered a bit off-topic, I tried to retain the replies to the OP’s question, and have removed the rest.


My personal opinion on twin flames is that it’s a sort of energetic codependency that two entities have with each other. A true twin flame relationship means that the two souls are perfectly harmonic, and complimentary, but this also means that one cannot function to it’s highest potential without the other. Depending on your personal gnosis, this can be either good or bad. The only situation I can think of that would have any real reason to kill your twin flame is if you desire to break away from that energetic codependency. However, killing the incarnated person doesn’t really change that since their spirit/soul still lives. But even if you actually kill their soul and make them truly die for good, you’re breaking that codependency sure but then you have nothing to harmonize with therefore weakening your power. If the goal is breaking that codependency while retaining the harmony and using it for yourself, absorbing the essence of the twin flame and harboring it inside your own soul is probably the way to go. But that’s not something I know how to go about doing exactly.

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i would say your already whole in your own. You are complete without them already. They are like catalyst to help your soul growth. your not dependent on them. It makes no sense that they are the other half of you. I know some people think that when they hear soulmate.