Killing someone you love

I know I’ve read about baneful magic being used to kill enemies, and that it requires a lot of hatred and rage to kill someone through magic. I’ve never tried killing anyone personally, I’m not opposed to baneful magic at all, it’s just I tend to think there’s much worse fates than death and that causing suffering to an enemy is the better route to go.

However, after a conversation the other day I got to thinking, is it possible to use magic to kill someone you love, and if so, which demon would one call upon for that?

I tried thinking of some possible reasons someone would want to kill someone they love or care for. Perhaps you have a close friend who’s family member hurt you and you want them to suffer the pain of losing a loved one. Or maybe you want to experience being a widow. Or experience any other variation of what it’s like to lose a significant person in your life. I’m sure some of you can think of other reasons, but my main question is…is it possible to kill someone you feel great affection for?

note this is strictly hypothetical, just a random question and I wanted others thoughts on it. I’ve always been fascinated with death magic although I’ve never practiced it. Just wanted some thoughts on that topic from those much more experienced in all this than I am


Sure, passionate love and hatred are usually two sides of the same coin anyway.


Very good point.

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Of course. Sometimes its the most humane thing we can do for someone we love.


Indeed the risk may be there, in Introduction to Magic by the Ur Group is written: “Even if you want to kill, it’s required that you love whosoever you attack”


Interesting. I’ll have to read that!

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I don’t know too much about it but reading on this forum, it seems there are people who kill without knowing or feeling for that person. Or is it like a, there’s a little love in your heart for everyone so you’re able to do it?

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It may be so, anyway the love required to harm is just a way to look at it :slight_smile: (a magician may also rely on some principles e.g. Man being the microcosm equal to macrocosm) or it’s possible to cosider it as a state of trance and being “open”.

i won’t hint you towards a specific demon regarding this,
but generally Death Gods will take the task,
when presented correctly.

i’ll rather explain to you,
why normally people avoid that;

Killing a beloved,
means being attached to the kill.

It’s similar,
to a Vampire drinking on,
through the stopping of Heart Beat in the victim.

A part of the Death Energy gets stuck inside of the Caster,
and that’s pretty unpleasant to deal with.

So rather then looking at how to kill a beloved,
look at how to divorce and disassamble yourself,
from the victim,
far enough,
so you don’t care about loosing him anymore.

Only then,
you’re at a stage where you can effectively conjure death towards the target,
without attaching it to yourself aswell,
through doing so.

if that’s to difficult for yourself to handle,
look at the Magicians for hire,
on official balg,
which won’t be affected by those re-bounce side effects,
since for them,
it’s just a target.

Here’s a link,
for where to hire a professional on your behalf.

Just know,
that even there,
it’s not specifically advertised,
to perform kills for hire.

For understandable reasons.

among the Board,

Might be a reasonable source to find answers for your question.

Since you’ve pointed out,
that you’re on research for understanding,
i’d leave it at that.

it should be enough information,
to find further answers,
or formulate new questions from having integrated that understanding.

Note, the Video is part of the Answer,
and hints to a different layor of understanding,
accessable to those,
which understood the mechanism i explained.

It’ll hint you towards how to bypass that effect. :wink:

Once that understanding is unlocked,
this video might fill in the rest.

I know,
this seems cryptic by now,
but it’s safety barriers,
placed to prevent misusage,
by those who aren’t ready to deal with the consequence of doing the action you’ve asked about.



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