Killing someone for magickal gain


Hey everyone, I was watching an anime the other day (don’t judge me) which prominently featured a necromancer. It got me thinking on the necromancy train and then a specific question came up; is there any utility in killing someone for magickal gain? I know you can use human pieces for necromancy, but is there any purpose in killing them yourself? Thanks and let me know what you guys think.


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Just want to specify, before I go into this, that this is presented in a theoretical light.
There is quite a bit of benefit to doing the killing yourself, yes. Depending on how the victim is killed, you can gain different benefits.
For instance, a ritualistic killing could be used as a massive source of power. You’d be most likely to do something like this if you wanted to increase the amount of supernatural activity in the area ( weaken the barrier between our world and limbo ), evoke a lot of shades and bind them into your service etc.
Another application would be tying yourself more strongly to the victim, in order to make future working involving the corpse easier. Essentially working with a murder victim rather than a ritual sacrifice. The applications of this are fewer, but still noteworthy. Killing like this could be used as part of the creation of some magical trinket ie. A ring of bone that helps you focus on the world of the dead more easily/ draw shades to you/ gaze into the world of the dead more readily etc.
Anyway, do remember to leave me out of any manifesto you decide to make before your magically motivated killing spree


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I was thinking along such lines, but there’s also the thought that, through being personally tied to the victim, that you would create a massive negative tie between you and the spirit, since you’d be literally responsible for their demise.


It depends on how you want to use the spirit. Bind it and reshape it into a servitor like entity and the stronger bond will be useful. As you say though, it would be a poor idea to kill someone and then approach their spirit as though you’re both still on good terms