Killing one's enemy and proportionality of the punishment

I would like to ask you why you have chosen (or would choose) to ask a spirit to kill your enemy, rather than asking him to induce your enemy to experience the same desperation to which he condemned you. It seems to me that in the second case the principle of proportionality of the penalty applies, and in any case justice is obtained.
I apologize for my English and thanks for any replies and shares.


Some people are malevolent and violent. Some must be eliminated so that they can’t cause the Practicioner, their family or anyone else any harm.

Call on Duke Forcalor. He’ll fuck shit up for the target for sure. He’s quite the OG.


I don’t like human moral, if a person is a threat to me or my family I would make everything possible to kill this person. Only things stopping me in the mundane world is the law, that’s why I would use magick or an Entity to kill. I tend to agree with the spiritual world/moral. Do whatever you want, the law and restriction are only human concept. The only two things I would not do, is harm children under 18, and animals.


This is my personal approach, I have no claims on any higher ground, moral wise etc.

I have done workings concerning the “inducing your enemy to experience the same desperation”-stuff because I was personally damaged in such a severe way that simply getting them out of my way would have left me empty, without a sense of true vengeance or satisfaction.

I would choose to get rid of an opponent with magick immediately if they would pose a serious threat towards what I hold dear. No games, no arc of suspense.


The only time I’ve ever killed with Magick was when I was pushed and had no choice. Any other possibility would have been an issue and I wasn’t gonna put others at risk. They ignored repeated warnings from my guides and Odin was right, I should have ended it sooner. I wasn’t gonna let them live and wasn’t gonna let them suffer either because I chose not too. One of my guides and I agreed to help them rebuild themselves in the after life. There was no way around it. They needed to go. That’s all I’m gonna say

For my other enemies well idc much about them dying. Some of their energetic bodies are nothing but mush and its catching up with them physically (very sickly looking). If they go they go and only one target has been cursed to live through it.

Tbh I dont think giving them the same treatment is fair some deserve worse and others deserve no response. I rarely use baneful works unless I’m in danger, angered or it serves a purpose to me personally


I think it’s always good to understand that the person we see as our enemy is also our own shadow, when a person is violates you in anyway it is simply because they are unconscious, your heart will expand and you’ll be able to relate to that person and understand them a little better, and most of them will not even wanna come near you anymore because compassion makes the polarity freeze…

But you’ll notice a lot of these malevolent people are actually very damaged people, I’ve personally done a lot of things that took me a long time for me to forgive myself for and not see myself as monster in the mirror anymore, when you understand everyone comes from the same fabric, you don’t judge them anymore, you forgive… and let them go their own way to learn their own lessons

Now, in now way shape or form am I supporting malevolent behavior, all I’m saying is, when the heart is open you find more inclusive ways of solving problems, Siddhartha Buddha once said that he will dominate the world not by separation but by being inclusive to others, to turn your enemies into Allies, same with King Arthur, he was worthy of Excalibur because he never wanted enemies and only used offense as last resort in dire situations

Most of the there are other ways of solving problems, I’ve had people attempt to physically harm me and Michael and Kali wouldn’t even allow the person into my aura for example, there are so many other things that we can do instead of cursing or killing someone because most of the time these types of relationships are there to teach you something or help refine your character and your boundaries, some people are just karmic like that…

If you move beyond polarizing with people they won’t even see you as an enemy, and if someone is just too polarized then just call up a protective entity and they’ll naturally won’t even be able to come near you, if it were to come down to cursing someone, I’d summon Kali because she actually helps people come back into their true selves, so she’ll be guiding that person out their malevolent ways, so it’s a win win

There are no enemies, it’s just children fighting


People have personalities, and some of those personalities are not nice.
In fact, desperation drives as one of many fuels for such not nice personalities.
Agree with some of the others, if there is actual harm as opposed to hurt feelings, then curse away.

Let me give you some true life stories, and let you be the judge on who should be taken permanently out of society, going where often the law cannot take hold.

  1. In early childhood, my sibling and I had a horrible babysitter who drove me to a persistent complete fear of heights, by as a child, been forced to go sit on the garage roof with my sister so she could fuck her boyfriend in my parents house.
  2. Bullies throughout life. One place I was in I was a bored child and an older child was asked to play with me so parents could talk. We went down to the basement, and he asked if I wanted to play Cowboys and Indians. I was excited and thought it would be fun. My boredom was over! He made me the Indian, tied my mouth and eyes and tried me to a pole so he could continue watching TV.
  3. Fast forward to late teen years, as it was mostly bottom feeder bullies as an issue.
  4. My sibling was harmed, I will leave it at that. I have an idea who the target is and waiting for power and a slip-up from the scumbag.
  5. I was in the ghetto smoking pot in the early 90s at Kens place. His young toddler son was outside playing. All of a sudden there was commotion outside and went out, a crack dealer across the street was aiming a gun at someone on out side and talking shit. The kid was hedged in just barely out of line of fire. I decided to go get the kid even if I got shot trying. Between a neighbor of Ken who saw what was going down, came out with a shotgun and cocked it, ready to take out the shit talking crack dealer if he pointed at me or the kid. The kid is safe to this day.
  6. I have countless examples from here.

What keeps me from cursing? Several factors including power.
And the proportion of punishment: Who deserves the least? Who deserves the most? How much of it is personal?


I have a new long standing friend turned enemy, while I can acknowledge my share of the issues, this fucker has gone too far. Im waiting for power and a slip-up, in one of my worst moments of life, he made a crack walking BY me, and said something about at least I fucked his sister.

Ive never had anyone I want to hurt more than this little shit of society. Before I could look past certain things like him owing me 10k, the fact his children might also turn against me and torment me, like father like son, especially magic wise as he is occult involved as well.

Then again, how much of this is my paranoid schizophrenia, which they play with to torment me further?

My life is not a game or joke despite someones opinion. Each of us has a right to life.

But when pushed too far, especially by NPD or Antisocial Personality Disorder, well, ahem.

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Im not terribly familiar with the 72 or the 144 for that matter, but several angels can smite a country overnight. Keep that in mind, not all of them are peace and love.
Then there are the Enochian angels which can be brutal on someone.
Goetia: Raum, Andras, Andromalius, Asmodeus, Bael.

Perhaops I should get to know these hard pipe hitting angels, but then again with the slightest impurity in thought word or act, and Id have my goose cooked by them. They take their God and job very seriously.

You might want to look into angels, as well as Enochian angels.


Some people are in direct danger, or people they know are, and removing the person stops them from containing the abuse or activity that is directly leading to harm.

Kill or be killed.

Bear in mind, most death spells don’t end in death, they end in change, in the removal of the person from your life so that they effectively become “dead” to you. E.A. Koetting wrote, I believe in Baneful Magick, that a death spell can even result in the target getting a promotion that takes them cross country, never to be seen again.

This is because intent is everything, and most people are very nice and deep down actually want the situation resolved, not the death of the other, so that’s what they get.

I will always recommend death spells to the nicest people, good things result. :slight_smile:


This is a principle that I believe applies regardless of the exact intention for baneful magick. What matters more to you, your agenda or your dark pleasure?

I’ve done my share of baneful magick, and what these pathworkings make you realize is that you have more effective tools in your toolbelt than you previously knew. Knowing what you can do makes it easier to take a step back and really consider your options. I have seen what one single individual ritual, probably about 20 minutes of my life with all the ritual preparation and performance, can do to someone. This really takes the sting out of enemies.

And not to imply that cursing is all about demons. I’ve cursed with militant angels, yes, but if you speak the Enochian Keys, you will notice mentions of wrathfulness in the translations of the text, although the energy itself is somewhat removed from the material while influencing it.

I do not underestimate what demons can do, but it is awe-inspiring in another way to see how angels really just do not give a fuck. Humans? Rocks? Porpoises? All I see is raw sensory information my dude.


A great point I have read on cursing, is that it is pulling a trigger on someone, once done, cannot be recalled. There is also the option of binding, as opposed to death curses. You could even pair up magic with famous war texts, such as the Art of War or the likes, and see how you can use magic to attain the principle, thereby in tat context affecting your target.

Cord magic:

Because them dying (hopefully painfully) means I then get to call them forth and keep them in a rock or crystal. So they can then “earn” their freedom back. Two form one. Though, I normally reserve this for really reprehensible people. And those may kill themselves like my last one did (nothing to do with it). But he did take the lives of quite a few innocent people and thought he could escape punishment.

I usually want someone to suffer significantly before they die, but if it’s a choice of them living freely or dying, that’s and easy choice when I’m at that point with them.


I’ve only ever cast death rituals (or anything baneful involving physical harm) at the request of other people, never for myself.

For myself, I would much rather someone alive and suffering psychologically, proportionate to how they treated me (or whoever), with a bit of added spice thrown in. But they would have to do something extraordinarily fucked up for me to expend effort to make that happen.


Hahaha very well articulated.


Mmm let me tell you first what my dad taught me when I was a little boy.

Dad: “Anybody ever puts thier hands on you, hits you, or even just pushes you…punch him in the nose, just fire on him and don’t stop until it’s over”

Me: " how do I know when it’s over?,"

Dad: “when they’re on the ground and not trying to get up”

I believe in what he said and I’ve lived by that…So I’m not going to engage in a get hit and hit back, back and forth, give and take scenario. You push me, I’m going to punch you in the nose. Just like that. That doesn’t make me a bad boy or a bully that means I’m not fucking around is all.

Why do I need to be bound to inflicting only the same suffering that was first inflicted on me.
Just to satisfy some artificial sense of equilibration or justice? Fuck that!!!

My code is simple, anyone who actively, knowingly chooses to undermine me or destroy me or cause me to come to ruin is playing with fire. Same thing goes for my friends, allies and family and people who can’t defend themselves. I have no problem calling a spirit for literal death to happen.

No pity
:laughing::laughing:Like Eazy E once said "well, if it’s on, it’s on":laughing::laughing:


Thank you very much for the answers and food for thought offered.
With my question I wanted to know the various points of view from which the question can be approached.

Criminal elements have damaged my and my family’s health. I have suffered for many years from a disabling disease, which I was only diagnosed with after summoning Buer (THANKS President Buer! … but also to my parents who put in the money and attention!). I underwent an expensive and dangerous surgery and I still await the end of the symptoms that for years have prevented me from finding a job.
After I have resolved the health problem, I would like to contact Duke Andromalius in order to get justice (I also need to check if I have been robbed by former co-workers)! Hope to get out of it in January! How do you suggest me to approach Andromalius? How do you suggest I make the request to the powerful Duke? Could I ask him to intervene on other matters or is it preferable to proceed step by step?
Forgive my English again and thanks for any advice!


I would just use the petition ritual in the tutorials. If Andromalius is a good.spirit for your tasks, then you can call on him alone. If it is for other things, I would choose the right spirit for that task.


Which script do you use for the Demons?

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Script? I only use standardized wording if the system I’m using requires it or it’s formal agreement of sorts.