Killing in defense :

How do you guys manage it?

I only believe in harming if I’m attacked first or harming horrible people like sex offenders or scum of the sort.

Lately I was forced into Astral battle against the Vampire I spoke about before and I had no choice but to kill him on the Astral. He died like the Night King on Game Of Thrones.

This was no kid. In the Astral he was terrifying and not to mention malicious. I tried reasoning but only had one choice. He constantly attacked me even after my Goddess struck him as a warning. He was attached to so many people it was disturbing.

Krishna, Athena, Aphrodite, Odin and the other Gods I work with told me I did the right thing as it will protect many others but everytime I look at his physical vessel I feel guilty. I wish I could have redeemed him but this was really a case of protecting everyone else.

If I stayed defensive or passive, he would have drained us dry. I had no choice. It’s not that I care about him deeply, I feel sympathy for his family as they’re close. Also no matter what, we would have had an astral battle so better to root the weed out early hey?

Sorry for the personal post. I needed to get it off my chest and know that Mages will understand.


I tried cursing someone who deserved it and then later backed out of it.

Then when I tried again I asked the powers of darkness to remove all guilt about it, and I haven’t felt remorseful since.


Why not ask them? They may have an answer that works best for how you process things.

He was probably draining them, too.

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Krishna told me there will be no Karmic probelms
Athena guided me to a pick a card reading
Aphrodite has been nothing but supportive
Odin told me that it will take a lot time for the boy to actually die due to the energy he got saved up (it transferred to his physical body) and I didn’t do as instructed.

[quote=“norse900, post:3, topic:116891”]
He was probably draining them, too

Yeah he was draining tf out of them. Literally every family member he came into contact with was being drained. It was like the plot twist of the century. The worst part? He was intentionally doing it.

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